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Responding to the chancellor’s statement today (Thursday) announcing a winter protection plan for workers and the economy, Wales TUC General Secretary, Shavanah Taj said:

"Unions have been pushing hard for continued jobs support for working people. We are pleased the Chancellor has listened and done the right thing."

“This scheme will provide a lifeline for many firms with a viable future beyond the pandemic."

“But there’s still unfinished business. Unworked hours under the scheme must not be wasted. Governments must work with business and unions to offer high-quality retraining, so workers are prepared for the future economy. We’ll be talking to the Welsh Government too about how they can maximise the opportunities for workers on the scheme."

“And we’ll be looking closely at the details to make sure there are strings attached."

“The UK Government should target help at industries facing a tough winter, and provide more targeted support for families most at risk of hardship and debt.”

On the further action now needed, Shavanah Taj said:

"We must use this period of protection to make the economy more resilient, equitable and to plan a strong green recovery. With Covid cases on the rise again, the UK Government must provide enforcement bodies with the resources they need to make sure all workplaces are safe and we’re working with the Welsh Government’s new Health and Safety Forum so that all possible steps are being taken here to support enforcement activity."

“The Welsh Government also needs to play its part in making sure that their economic recovery plan is built around ensuring that support to businesses is tied to fair working practices through a strengthened and robust Economic Contract with employers”