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The TUC recognises the importance of representatives such as shop stewards and office reps in building the Trade Union movement in the workplace.
Annual Rep Award Winners 2019

There are hundreds of representatives in the region who devote much time and energy protecting and improving the wages and conditions of their members.  Often they deal with wider subjects such as pensions and redundancy while they invariably have to deal with the specific problems of individual members.

The Northern TUC union rep awards are an annual recognition of that contribution and a chance to highlight this invaluable difference that reps make to people at work every day.  

The awards are for the trade unionist who represents the best aspects of being a workplace representative.  See below for details:

  • Health & Safety Rep - union health and safety representatives make a huge difference. Research has shown that workplaces with union recognition and health and safety representatives experience around half the number of serious injuries of those without.   
  • Union Learning Rep - ULRs have been instrumental in championing the importance of training and development in the workplace. ULRs promote the value of learning; support learners; arrange learning and training and support workplace learning centres to embed learning in the workplace.
  • Terry Rodgers Workplace Rep - trade union reps represent members in the workplace and carry out other workplace duties.  They are the backbone of their union. Without representation at workplace level there would be no-one to act as the link between members, the employer and the union and no-one to organise, represent and negotiate on behalf of people in the workplace.

You can download the application forms via the links below.  Closing date for nominations is Friday 7th February 2020.

Please note that all nominations need to be signed off by the appropriate regional officer in your union.

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