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Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, wasn’t pulling his punches at the Public Accounts Committee last month. “There are very clearly substantial pressures and it doesn’t help anybody to try and pretend that there aren’t” he continued, obviously irked by the Prime Minister’s constant reiteration of by now largely discredited claims of record funding announced within current Spending Review plans.
Economic Issues: 20 February 2017
TUC Aid and the Trade Union Unit Trust (TUUT) are supporting the Federation of Somali Trade Unions (FESTU) to produce a second annual review of human and trade union rights in Somalia covering developments in 2016. The report will record and analyse information of trade union rights violations to raise awareness of trade union rights abuses nationally and internationally and lobby for measures to address such abuses.
International Issues: 18 February 2017
  Number 788 - 18 February 2017
Workplace Issues: 17 February 2017
One of TUC Aid's longest standing partners is the Northern Ireland based Disability Aid Abroad, which also works closely with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. In particular, we have worked together on spreading the concept of Disability Champions through the East African trade union movement. Here is the 2016 annual report of Disability Aid Abroad's work on Disability Champions.
Equality Issues: 17 February 2017
About the TUC: 14 February 2017
The 2017 dates for Prides across the UK
Equality Issues: 14 February 2017
Download The impact of increased self employment and insecure work on the public finances - Full report (pdf) This is A Landman Economic report for the TUC - written by Howard Reed 
Economic Issues: 13 February 2017
About the TUC: 13 February 2017
First photos of Hearts Unions week activities in Yorkshire and the Humber
About the TUC: 10 February 2017
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