The TUC has updated its guide on 'Safety and Migrant Workers' to assist union workplace representatives to ensure that migrant workers are given full protection against hazards at work.
02 June 2015
The TUC has produced a guide to assist union workplace representatives to ensure that migrant workers are given full protection against hazards at work.
01 June 2015
The TUC held an event in April at Congress House to showcase the work that took place during the TUC Migration Messaging project. Campaign group members presented their work through presentations, videos, discussions and the launch of the project's evaluation booklet to an audience of trade unions, migrants' rights groups,...
13 May 2015
The TUC is calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to work with other EU leaders at the extraordinary summit being held tomorrow (Thursday) to extend search and rescue operations for migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as taking action to promote stability and peace in the countries where refugees...
22 April 2015
The TUC has developed a presentation slides of the results of polling we commissioned into attitudes around migration and labour market concerns. This has been developed for unions to use in their branches to develop ways to promote messages on migration based on solidarity and workers’ rights. The TUC has...
02 March 2015
The issues of immigration and population are hotly debated and affect how people are treated at work and in our communities. Trade unions speak up for working people. That means protecting wages and conditions from being undercut. It also means supporting workers when they are being exploited by employers and...
02 March 2015
Responding to the Office for National Statistics migration statistics published today (Thursday), TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: "The government needs to stop playing a numbers game with migration figures. It's time to get real about what politicians can actually do about migration. Politicians should stop pretending to the electorate...
26 February 2015
Ahead of the Modern Slavery Bill which is due to be debated today (Wednesday) in the House of Lords, the TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “This bill is an important piece of legislation in the fight against trafficking and forced labour.
25 February 2015
The TUC is today (Sunday) supporting the call of community groups, unions and residents in the Southampton Communities Alliance for the documentary Immigration Street, due to be screened on 24 February by Channel 4, to be cancelled. Due to campaigning the documentary has already been reduced from six episodes to one.
22 February 2015
On Friday 23 January, the TUC held an event with Inca-CGIL UK (part of the Italian trade union CGIL) to launch the Italian version of the new 'Working in the UK' guide they have jointly developed. The event was held at the INCA centre in London which CGIL runs to...
06 February 2015