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This interactive guide (eNote) is a short, self-study module about
The TUC has produced a guide to assist union workplace
The TUC has developed a presentation slides of the results

Migrant workers make up a significant proportion of the UK’s labour force. The TUC supports the freedom of movement of workers in the European Union and we support a managed migration system for those outside the EU, based on the principles of workers’ rights.

Once in the UK, many migrant workers are unaware of their legal rights or unable to enforce them and face exploitation at work as a result. The TUC fights for equal rights for migrant workers, and assists unions to recruit, represent and organise migrant workers.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the TUC have published a new safety leaflet, ['Your health, your safety: A guide for workers'] provides information about safety rights at work which is translated into 19 different languages.

Migration messaging project

Connecting Communities: Building Alliances ​[PDF] a report on the TUC Migration Messaging project to promote progressive messages on migration.

The TUC has today (Thursday) published Managing migration better for Britain: what the government should be doing now, which proposes practical policies to address the concerns expressed by many voters before and during the EU referendum campaign.
04 August 2016
What the government should be doing now The EU referendum campaign gave a voice to communities who feel abandoned by globalisation, deindustrialisation and the pace of change. In many of those communities – often, but not always, outside London and the south-east – good, skilled, unionised jobs that pay enough...
04 August 2016
Mandarin version of Working in the UK
29 June 2016
Tagalog version of Working in the UK
29 June 2016
Arabic version of Working in the UK
29 June 2016
Hindi version of Working in the UK
29 June 2016
The TUC has responded to the Department of Health's consultation on its proposals to extend health charges for non-EU migrants on temporary visas and undocumented migrants to primary and community care, and to remove exemptions for prescription charges for vulnerable groups. The submission makes clear the TUC's opposition to present...
04 March 2016
Commenting on the announcement today (Friday) that the UK government has ratified a landmark international agreement to outlaw forced labour and modern slavery, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “We welcome the Home Office’s move to ratify the ILO Forced Labour Protocol. It is a clear message that the UK...
22 January 2016
The South West TUC has released a report on population and migration in the South West....
18 December 2015
On International Migrants Day (Friday 18 December), the TUC is joining with European trade unions to pledge support for refugees who need access to work. Along with other members of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), the TUC is pledging to assist the inclusion of asylum seekers in society, and...
18 December 2015