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Organisation name
The Pharmacists’ Defence Association
£24,000-£32,000 p/a (£40,000 FTE) *pay award pending
Closing date
Job location
Home based - regionally and nationally mobile
22.5-30 per week (3-4 days)
About this Role

The PDA is delighted to announce that we are seeking an Organiser to cover the Wales and West to join the union’s Organising & Engagement Department. The PDA continue to invest in the growth, organisation and engagement of members and reps from undergraduate study, into work and throughout their careers. This is an exciting opportunity to join our existing team Organising & Engagement Team.

Home based, regionally and nationally mobile, and able to use new technology to communicate, engage and organise, you will engage with pharmacists wherever they work to recruit, develop and support members, potential members and reps. The successful candidate will work closely with the Director of Organising & Engagement, Collette Bradford, to support the PDA to achieve our organising, engagement and development aspirations; increasing membership alongside member and rep participation in campaigns, PDA events, Conference and Regional Committees. You will organise and campaign with pharmacist members online, in workplaces and regionally, empowering and developing networks of members and reps.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Leading recruitment, organising and campaign activity by directly or indirectly maximising contact with members, reps and potential members and reps, using new technology and on occasion in person.
  • Increasing the visibility of the PDA by organising workplace, sectoral and regional events and activity online using Microsoft Teams and on occasion in person working closely with reps and members.
  • Providing specialist organising, recruitment and campaign knowledge, expertise and support to members, reps and the Regional Committees to organise around collective issues and campaigns.
  • Identifying, motivating and coaching more and better reps and building capacity in workplaces, in sectors and regionally.
  • Mapping recruitment and organising potential within workplaces, sectors and regionally advising the Director of Organising & Engagement.
  • Recruiting members and reps to PDA training, development, and Conference events.
  • Providing initial advice to members and potential members on all aspects of the PDA work, signposting to further information, legal support and guidance as appropriate.
  • Advising the Director of Organising & Engagement about issues which might impact upon the achievement of union-wide organising and recruitment objectives and/or upon national policy making and terms and conditions negotiations.
Further information

To apply, please send your CV and a covering letter to

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