An EU agreement with Central America cannot ignore the region's record of abusing trade union rights, nor the impact the agreement might have on decent work. That's why trade unions in both regions, including the TUC, see a social-labour chapter in the agreement as essential.
26 March 2009
The European Commission is currently deliberating on whether to renew GSP+ status for a number of countries around the world (GSP refers to the Generalised System of Preferences under which certain countries' goods get preferential access to European markets). One of the current GSP+ countries is Colombia, and the TUC...
01 November 2008
TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber called for a new approach to including labour standards requirements in trade agreements in the context of decent work at a Wilton Park conference (see ) on 20 October 2008.
21 October 2008
International trade deals must include provision for decent work if they are to win popular support, says TUC General Councillor Paul Talbot in a speech to the Tuesday 7 October 2008 World Day for Decent Work event at the TUC.
06 October 2008
The TUC today (Friday) warns that campaigns to end global poverty will fail unless more attention is paid to getting people into decent jobs.
03 October 2008
At SERTUC's ‘International Conference' on Saturday, (14 June), trade unionists from London, the South East, the East of England and beyond will meet with trade unionists and international speakers from across the world to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing working people and their families in the world today. The...
09 June 2008
On 18 April, the TUC held a conference for unions on the future of the European social model which was attended by 50 delegates from unions, and a number of Members of the European Parliament. The three policy commissions held during the conference covered the environment; equality, social and economic...
25 May 2008
The TUC is calling on politicians in Westminster and Brussels to 'Listen to the south! Support global standards' as part of global white band day on 17 October 2007 - called by the Global Call to Action Against Poverty. Find out more about what unions are being asked to do.
27 July 2007
TUC GS Brendan Barber has written to Douglas Alexander regarding international trade union calls on the EU to include firm text on labour and environmental standards in trade agreements being negotiated with India, South Korea and the ASEAN countries. The letter sets out 14 key demands.
16 July 2007
TUC GS Brendan Barber has written to DfID Secretary of State Douglas Alexander to highlight trade union concerns regarding the potential negative impact of EU supported proposals at the WTO on NAMA. These negotiations relate to the import and export of manufactured goods and trade unionists in developing countries have...
16 July 2007