TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber has written to the Cambodian Ambassador calling on his Government to stop the harassment of workers and to respect the fundamental rights to organise, bargain and strike.
30 September 2010
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26 August 2010
By adopting robust and transparent processes, the EU's system of trade preferences to developing countries (the 'GSP' system), could better reward countries genuinely interested in the well-being of their workforce, and put real pressure on serial labour rights abusers such as Iran and Colombia, according to the TUC's submission to...
02 June 2010
Take any piece of clothing from your wardrobe. There's a good chance that the worker who made it is earning £15 per month for the privilege. Such stories are common and it's easy for them to make us feel powerless. But as workers and consumers, there are important ways we...
10 May 2010
A TUC analysis of the draft text of the EU-Colombia Free Trade Agreement argues that it offers nothing for workers in the firing line in Colombia. The report shows that by replacing and weakening the existing labour rights and enforcement mechanisms under the EU's GSP+ scheme, the trade deal will...
29 April 2010
Over the coming year, GMB London will be intensifying its partnership with two sugar unions in Guyana - NAACIE and GAWU - using £50,000 of the TUC's Partnership Programme Agreement funds. In Guyana, while there are some good labour laws in place and important ILO conventions have been ratified, exploitation...
28 April 2010
TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber has written to the current EU trade commissioner Baroness Ashton (soon to take up her new role as High Representative for Foreign Relations) calling on her to abandon trade talks with Colombia because of its appalling human rights record.
28 November 2009
Brendan Barber has written to David Miliband following the increase in violence in Honduras which has see 20 people, including 12 trade unionists killed, calling for tougher actions to bring the coup leaders to the table.
02 November 2009
The Commonwealth Trade Union Group - with 30 million members in 51 Commonwealth countries - is calling on the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, 27-29 November 2009, to take a series of steps towards a more equitable and sustainable future based on decent work.
26 October 2009
The TUC General Secretary has written to EU Trade Commissioner Baroness Ashton calling for the suspension of Honduras special status under the EU GSP+ scheme until democracy is restored.
14 July 2009