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Many of the world's major sportswear companies contract out manufacture to smaller franchises through supply chains stretching around the world. These smaller companies - many of them based in developing countries - employ people working under some of the world's worst labour conditions. This despite the huge profits made by the big-name sportswear labels.

The Play Fair campaign aims to highlight the exploitation of these workers in the run-up to the next Winter Olympics. It is coordinated in the UK by the TUC, Labour Behind the Label and Oxfam GB and forms part of an international campaign organised by Global Unions, Clean Clothes Campaign and Oxfam International

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This document reports on the three-year Playfair2012 project and campaign which concluded when the London Olympics and Paralympic Games ended this summer.
09 October 2012
The Chosen , Nike's new global ‘Just Do It' campaign says it will bring sports to the grassroots and represents the “passing of the torch to the next generation”. However, The Chosen does not seem to include passing more of the company's profits onto the grassroots by paying workers making...
08 July 2011
Brussels, 31 March 2011 (ITUC OnLine): An international conference organised by Play Fair and the Building Workers' International is opening today in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Conference will launch the BWI Campaign around the World Cup 2014, as well as the Olympic Games 2016 Play Fair Campaign, and will...
04 April 2011
In the run up to London 2012, hundreds of delegates took collective action calling on Adidas, Nike and Pentland (makers of Speedo) to pay a living wage, respect the human right to join and form a trade union and provide job security for workers making their products.
19 March 2011
The Playfair 2012 campaign wants the sportswear industry and Olympic movement to take responsibility for the working conditions in their global supply chains and ensure that workers' rights are respected. So far, the campaign has been promoted through supporting organisations, social networking sites, materials and events. But we need your...
31 January 2011
TUC supporting Sri Lankan garment workers to win better pay and conditions While Nike CEO Mark Parker is deciding what to do with his £8 million compensation package for 2010, the TUC is supporting sportswear workers in Sri Lanka to organise and win an annual wage of around £700 at...
27 November 2010
On a beautifully sunny weekend, the Playfair 2012 campaign attracted huge interest from the thousands of festival goers at Tolpuddle from 16-18 July 2010.
22 July 2010
Every four years, a bit like the Olympics and the World Cup, trade unionists from around the world gather for the global congress of the International Trade Union Confederation. This June, over a thousand trade unionists met in Vancouver, Canada, where the 2010 Winter Olympics had taken place just months...
07 July 2010
The international Play Fair campaign has already had some impact - we are now negotiating with the major sportswear brands. So the ongoing support of fellow workers and students in the UK is vital for us to continue making progress. Lilis Mahmudah, Indonesian trade unionist
07 July 2010
On 3 July, the TUC signed a £2.4 million Programme Partnership Arrangement (PPA) with the Department for International Development (DFID) which will run until 31 March 2011. The TUC's PPA purpose is to achieve: Reduced poverty and increased rights of workers in developing countries through greater support for and strengthened...
04 August 2009