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Barnsley and Fulham football club supporters joined forces on Sat 15 October to demand safer working conditions and proper workers right for those employed building World Cup venues in Qatar
19 October 2016
It has been well documented that some 1,200 migrant workers have lost their lives while preparing for the Qatar World Cup in 2022. However the Qatar Ministry of Health has estimated that there could be 7,000 deaths before a ball is even kicked because of unsafe working conditions. Fifa has...
17 October 2016
The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has voted today (Tuesday) to send a high-level mission to investigate conditions for workers in Qatar. The vote came despite Qatari resistance to an independent investigation. Labour rights in Qatar have come under particular scrutiny since they were announced as the 2022 World Cup hosts.
10 November 2015
Congress 2015 carried a resolution on FIFA reform, proposed by the Professional Footballers' Association and seconded by Prospect.
25 October 2015
This is the formal completion report for the Playfair2012 project and campaign, carried out from 2009-2012 with funding from the Department for International Development
10 October 2012
IDM - Monthly newsletter reporting international development matters and issues affecting trade unionists around the world.
03 September 2012
Unions have welcomed the joint human rights communique signed today (Wednesday) by the governments of the four countries holding the current and next three summer and winter Olympics (the UK, Russia, Brazil and Korea.)
29 August 2012
The Playfair 2012 project and campaign aim to increase awareness about working conditions in global supply chains and mobilse consumer activism to affect change. The TUC is commissioning a study to assess impact and capture learning.
08 August 2012
View the gallery of pictures taken at Tolpuddle as festival goers made a stand with the Playfair 2012 giant torch calling on the Olympic Movement to Light the flame for workers' rights, while others took to our Olympic podium – highlighting who the winners and losers are in the Olympic Games.
19 July 2012
Featuring comedy from Isy Suttie and Paul Sinha, DJ set by Melstars:Music, plus music from Tricity Vogue's All Girl Swing Band, a debate with David Goldblatt, Anna Minton and Alan Tomlinson on the meaning of the Olympics, juggling by Rod Laver…and much more….
02 July 2012