Delegates take Playfair 2012 action at TUC's Women's Conference

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Delegates take Playfair 2012 action at TUC's Women's Conference

10 March 2011, Eastbourne

Diana Holland, Assistant General Secretary, Unite

Hundreds of delegates took collective action for the Playfair 2012 campaign at TUC Women's Conference, on 10 March. Their action called on Adidas, Nike and Pentland (makers of Speedo) to pay a living wage, respect the human right to join and form a trade union and provide job security for workers making their products.

Diana Holland, Unite's Assistant General Secretary encouraged delegates to get more involved in the Playfair 2012 campaign to pressure the sportswear industry and Olympic movement to ensure that the rights of the mainly female workers making their products in global supply chains are respected.

Workers making Olympic branded goods should have their rights respected

Women make up around 80 per cent of the workforce producing Olympic branded goods and sportswear in supply chains. They are playing a vital role in making London 2012 possible.

'As trade unionists and consumers we are linked to these millions of women workers and by acting together we have the power to bring about change and demand that London 2012 is the first ethical Olympics -providing Decent Work and dignity for all.' Diana Holland.

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