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The TUC has produced a range of education materials to raise awareness about international development within the British trade union movement. Covering a broad range of topics, these materials explain why international development is a trade union issue and why trade unionists are in an excellent position to do something about it:

Much of this material has been made possible due to funding from the Department for International Development (DFID) since 2002. The current funding arrangement is the Strategic Framework Partnership Arrangement (SFPA).  For further information please contact Ben Moxham: [email protected]
The TUC and Prospect agree that employees and union representatives should be enagaged in developing and implementing CSR policies that benefit workers in the developing world. This handy Negotiator's Guide published by Prospect Union, enables union reps to assess their workplace CSR policy, build a business case for doing more,...
24 October 2008
This new TUC Fact File contains a series of fact sheets and activities to help trade union tutors and activists inform others about the unfair labour practices in the global sporting goods industry and how to tackle them in the lead-up to London 2012
30 July 2008
This brief covers the key achievements of the TUC's Strategic Framework Partnership Arrangement (SFPA) with the Department for International Development (DFID) during its second year (July 2007 to June 2008). It also touches on key plans for the final year of the SFPA.
23 June 2008
Common lobbying positions have been adopted by the Global Call to Action Against Poverty, which the International Trade Union Confederation is a key part of. It should be read alongside the trade union submission to the G8 summit at
08 June 2008
Prospect has secured funding from the Department for International Development's Development Awareness Fund, to enable its members to introduce measures in their workplaces to help people in the developing world achieve fairness and justice.
16 May 2008
The NUT is making great strides in setting up its “ICT Skills for Women Teachers Programme” with the Sierra Leone Teachers' Union in Sierra Leone. The pilot programme is funded under the TUC's International Development Learning Fund, itself funded by the Department for International Development. Jane Messervy, NUT Project Worker,...
02 April 2008
The TUC's Strategic Framework Partnership Agreement (SFPA) with the Department for International Development (DFID) (2006 - 2009) continues to build the capacity of UK unions to internationalise their agenda.
17 March 2008
Salimatu Kabba and Alieu Deen-Conteh visited the TUC and gave the low down on how the Sierra Leone trade union movement has made a distinctive contribution to the post conflict resolution building in their country. They began by describing the conditions in their country and the cause of the civil...
08 February 2008
LAST CHANCE TO TAKE THE SURVEY: Over the past five years, the TUC has developed a significant range of international development education material, To make sure they remain relevant and used, we are in the process of updating some of our publications. Please take a few minutes to give us...
27 January 2008
Almost at its halfway point, the TUC's Strategic Framework Partnership Arrangement (SFPA) with DFID continues to assist affiliate trade unions put international development at the heart of their work. Under the SFPA's first year, affiliates such as Unite – Amicus Section, Prospect and the NUT are piloting development awareness seminars...
26 November 2007