HIV/AIDS is a global problem, undermining economic progress and development. It has a particularly devastating effect on working populations in many developing countries, particularly in Africa. Trade unions – alongside employers, governments and local communities – have a crucial role in fighting the pandemic.

The TUC is tackling HIV/AIDS in the following ways. We:

  • provide material support for training and education in the workplace on protection against HIV/AIDS (find out more about the TUC programmes in Africa)
  • fight to ensure that workers do not face stigma and discrimination because of their HIV/AIDS status
  • campaign to make HIV/AIDS treatments affordable and available to all
  • take part in development and co-ordination of trade union policies on HIV and AIDS.

The TUC, in collaboration with the ICFTU, Global Unions and NGOs campaigning on HIV/AIDS, promotes the ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work. This is a practical guide to developing workplace policies, prevention and care programmes.

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