What we’re asking of the G8 this summer

This July, the G8 will be meeting in Japan. The TUC is calling on trade unionists to make their voice heard by signing up to the “tanabata” action, which will send four key messages to world leaders on aid, climate change, health and education.

You can make your voice heard online at http://www.tuc.org.uk/international/tuc-14826-f0.cfm or you can do it in Second Life TM – see how at http://www.tuc.org.uk/international/tuc-14871-f0.cfm

By taking part, you will be backing up the demands which the TUC and other campaign groups are lobbying for. More detailed policy asks are set out in the Global Call to Action Against Poverty common position (see www.tuc.org.uk/tuc-14909-f0.cfm) or the trade union-specific demands of the Global Unions at www.tuac.org/en/public/e-docs/00/00/02/30/document_doc.phtml

We are calling on the G8 to:

  • Increase the number of teachers in the global south by 18 million by 2015;
  • Increase by 4.25 million the number of health workers needed around the world;
  • Create green jobs and provide people working in dirty industries with ‘just transition’ to cleaner work;
  • Put decent work at the heart of development strategies, including the core labour standards of the ILO; and
  • Provide more and better aid, an end to debt, and trade justice.

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