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What we’re asking of the G8 this summer

This July, the G8 will be meeting in Japan. The TUC is calling on trade unionists to make their voice heard by signing up to the “tanabata” action, which will send four key messages to world leaders on aid, climate change, health and education.

You can make your voice heard online at or you can do it in Second Life TM – see how at

By taking part, you will be backing up the demands which the TUC and other campaign groups are lobbying for. More detailed policy asks are set out in the Global Call to Action Against Poverty common position (see or the trade union-specific demands of the Global Unions at

We are calling on the G8 to:

  • Increase the number of teachers in the global south by 18 million by 2015;
  • Increase by 4.25 million the number of health workers needed around the world;
  • Create green jobs and provide people working in dirty industries with ‘just transition’ to cleaner work;
  • Put decent work at the heart of development strategies, including the core labour standards of the ILO; and
  • Provide more and better aid, an end to debt, and trade justice.

TUC Aid and the Trade Union Unit Trust (TUUT) are supporting the Federation of Somali Trade Unions (FESTU) to produce a second annual review of human and trade union rights in Somalia covering developments in 2016. The report will record and analyse information of trade union rights violations to raise...
18 February 2017
The National Garment Workers' Federation (NGWF) of Bangladesh is a partner union, an affiliate of IndustriALL, and one of the most progressive unions in the Bangladesh textile industry. TUC Aid has been funding training programmes for women members and we have had the General Secretary, Amirul Haque Amin, to speak...
24 April 2016
On 9 December 2015, Owen Tudor of the TUC and Neil Carberry of the CBI wrote to DWP Minister Priti Patel urging the government to ratify the ILO Forced Labour Protocol agreed at the International Labour Conference in 2014. On 22 January 2016, the UK Government became only the third...
22 January 2016
In its submission to the IDC, the TUC points out that despite its declared intention of helping people to work their way out of poverty, DFID has paid scant regard to the protection and promotion of their employment rights and overlooked the opportunity to enhance the impact of its interventions...
16 October 2014
TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady has written to the Thai Pineapple Industry Association urging it to persuade its President and CEO of the Natural Fruit Company to drop criminal libel charges against British human rights defender Andy Hall, whose Finnwatch report in 2012 reported serious worker exploitation of Burmese migrants...
25 August 2014
TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady has written urgently to the Prime Minister of Cambodia urging him to ensure that a peaceful protest planned for Phnom Penh tomorrow (Saturday) is allowed to proceed, allowing Cambodia's textile trade unionists - mostly women - to express their concerns about wage levels on International...
07 March 2014
As a global campaign launches to persuade corporates sourcing from Bangladesh to compensate the Rana Plaza factory disaster survivors and victims' families, TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady has written to the Chairman of Benetton asking the company to make an appropriate donation to the Rana Plaza Arrangement fund, managed by...
24 February 2014
The TUC's General Secretary Frances O'Grady has protested to the Cambodian Ambassador in London as part of a global union day of action, demanding the release of 23 jailed textile workers who are in court tomorrow, and respect for the principles of freedom of association, assembly and collective bargaining.
10 February 2014
To coincide with the publication of "The Global Development Crisis" by Ben Selwyn of Sussex University, in which he makes the case for 'labour-centred development', the TUC is sponsoring a debate on the evening of Thursday 23 January 2014.
15 January 2014
TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady has written to Trade Minister Vince Cable MP to press the case for next week's World Trade Organisation Ministerial meeting in Bali to reflect global trade union demands, and in particular decent work, workers' rights and public services, as well as taking account of the...
29 November 2013