Brendan Barber calls for curb on financial excess and investment in jobs at G20

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date: 2 November 2011

embargo: For immediate release

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber will be in Cannes, France, for the G20 from tonight (Wednesday) until Friday afternoon, where he will call for investment in jobs and a Robin Hood Tax on financial transactions to curb financial excess.

During his trip Brendan Barber - who is attending the G20 as part of the L20 union delegation - will meet world leaders including G20 chair President Nicolas Sarkozy, US President Obama, David Cameron and leaders of global institutions including the International Monetary Fund and the International Labour Organisation.

The L20 - a delegation of union leaders from G20 countries - will argue that the global economy urgently needs a plan B to tackle increasing unemployment and financial recklessness, and will call on G20 nations to listen to growing public anger and commit to ambitious job creation programmes, investing in skills and the green economy.

The delegation will also ask the G20 to curb the excesses of the finance sector and support the introduction of a Robin Hood Tax on financial transactions.

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: 'The world's economy is in a very dangerous place. It is now clear that the economic crash did even more damage than we thought. Global leaders must understand that they will be judged at this G20.

'Either they will go down in history as a generation that rose to the economic challenge, or as a group that simply repeated the mistakes that made the 1930s such a grim decade.

'G20 leaders must prioritise investment in jobs and curb the excess of the finance sector with a Robin Hood Tax on financial transactions.'

A photo opportunity for the Robin Hood Tax campaign will take place at 9.45am on Thursday (3 November) at Salon Palm, Casino Palm Beach, Cannes. Nurses from Australia, France, Ireland, Korea and USA will give prescription of a financial transaction tax (FTT). In an emergency room setting, nurses will administer an FTT saline drip to an ailing world economy, represented by a person painted in full body art as the world.

The L20 will hold a press conference on the meeting's closing statement at 10am on Friday (4 November) at the G20 media centre in Cannes with International TUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow, European TUC General Secretary Bernadette Segol, and global union UNI General Secretary Phil Jennings.


- To find out more about the L20 meeting or to interview Brendan Barber please contact Ben Moxham in Cannes on 07836 212 689 or [email protected] or contact the press office.

- The L20 is the labour summit of trade union leaders from the G20, being run for the first time in parallel with the leader's summit.

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