The TUC is committed to supporting people around the world in their struggle to achieve decent healthcare, education, employment, freedom from persecution and discrimination and the right to a say in how they are governed. These development issues are an integral and historic part of the trade union movement’s commitment to global solidarity.

The TUC’s development work is divided into three areas:

  • The TUC lobbies and campaigns for broad development issues like more and better aid for developing countries or the cancellation of debt. Much of this work is done in partnership with other organisations such as international trade union bodies or non-governmental organisations.
  • The TUC supports affiliate unions to do more on international development and combating global poverty, especially through raising the awareness of their members and developing links with trade unions from developing countries. See Funding Opportunities and the TUC and DFID.
  • The TUC’s charity – TUC Aid – enables British trade unionists to support workers around the world who face discrimination, or experience life-threatening disasters.
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