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The trade union movement in Europe is organised through the European Trade Union Confederation, to which the TUC and all the other European (and not just EU) national confederations are affiliated – the TUC has four representatives on the ETUC Executive Committee. Individual unions affiliate to their European Industry Federation, which are also part of the ETUC. To see a list of members of the ETUC, and links to their websites, click here.

The TUC is in almost constant contact with other affiliated organisations through participation in ETUC meetings. We work with them on specific issues as they arise. For example :

  • we participate with the DGB in the annual Anglo-German trade union forum
  • we hold biennial bilateral summits with the Italian union confederations – CGIL, CISL and UIL with whom
  • we attend the congresses of the French trade union confederations – CGT, CFDT and CGT-FO
  • we hold regular meetings with the Turkish trade union confederations – DISK, HAK-IS, KESK and TURK-IS
  • we have numerous contacts with the ICTU in Ireland.

And we are currently engaged in joint projects with:

  • the CGTP-IN in Portugal around recruitment of migrant workers
  • Solidarnosc in Poland around recruitment of migrant workers
  • Podkrepa and CITUB in Bulgaria around information and consultation rights

European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) General Secretary Bernadette Segol speaks to the TUC International Women's Day event 2012: 'I am happy and proud to be amongst you as the first woman General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation.'
08 March 2012
The TUC has nominated Bernadette Segol to be the next General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC). The ETUC Executive Committee will decide in December who should succeed John Monks, who retires at the ETUC Congress in Athens next May. Bernadette Segol is currently the Regional Secretary of...
28 October 2010
Every year a number of trade unionists from round the world study at Ruskin College in Oxford, often co-sponsored by the Government's Chevening Scholarship Programme and a trade union body. This year, the TUC is co-sponsoring Adams Barasa, who is the personal assistant to Francis Atwoli, the General Secretary of...
17 September 2008
The TUC was represented at the Confederation Generale du Travail's congress (23 to 28 April 2006) by Billy Hayes, spokesperson on Europe and the general secretary of the CWU.
04 May 2006