ACT NOW! Urge your MP to back a Robin Hood Tax

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Robin Hood Tax

38 Degrees online action

November 2011

Our friends at 38 Degrees and the Robin Hood Tax campaign have launched a new online action to urge MPs to back the Tax. Please take the action yourself and then get all your union colleagues, friends and family to do the same.

At the G20 summit in Cannes, countries including Germany, France, Brazil and South Africa stood up and said: we want a Robin Hood Tax. But then George Osborne announced the UK plans to block progress. And Nick Clegg joined in, telling Europe to 'forget' the Robin Hood Tax.

We've got just a few weeks to change our government's tune. On 9 December, David Cameron will attend a European summit. The Robin Hood Tax should be on the table. We need to make sure he's under overwhelming pressure from us to back the tax.

Can you send your MP a letter now urging them to tell Cameron to back the Robin Hood Tax? A steady stream of MPs warning Cameron that voters aren't happy could persuade him to change his tune.

So together, let's flood our MPs with messages demanding that the UK stops blocking a Robin Hood Tax. Click to get started.

If the UK blocks global progress on a Robin Hood Tax, it will be another victory for big banks and their lobbyists. But we know people power can challenge these kinds of sinister interests. Whether it's tax dodgers, lobbyists, or Rupert Murdoch, when we come together in numbers we can win.

The Robin Hood Tax is a brilliant idea. More and more countries across the globe agree its time has come. It would be a tragedy if UK banking lobbyists blocked progress. So let's work together now to make sure David Cameron stops backing bankers and starts backing the rest of us.

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