Employment and social policy

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The TUC and the European Trade Union Confederation believe that social justice is a key element of the European social model, alongside strong public services, equality and respect for the environment. We therefore provide a voice for European workers, and campaign for laws and other measures that provide a social dimension to the single market in goods and services, including rights for workers to representation through European Works Councils. In an increasingly Europe-wide labour market, there must be European labour laws to protect workers’ rights. Read more in the annual General Council Report to Congress.

This is a TUC briefing on the communication by the European Commission on their proposals for occupational health and safety following the review of all directives.
11 January 2017
The TUC has published a report today (Thursday) that sets out which workers’ rights in the UK are underpinned by EU rules – and would therefore be at risk if the UK votes to leave the EU. UK Employment Rights and the EU provides a comprehensive assessment of the employment...
25 February 2016
Commenting on details emerging today (Tuesday) of the EU renegotiation deal sought by the Prime Minister, which includes proposals to allow the UK to restrict in-work benefits for migrants, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “The Prime Minister is still missing the point. Tinkering with benefits for poorly-paid migrant workers...
02 February 2016
Ahead of the Prime Minister’s presentation to EU leaders today (Thursday) of his proposals for reform ahead of the UK referendum on EU membership, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “The Prime Minister’s proposal to stop in-work benefits for EU citizens working in the UK is putting the cart before...
17 December 2015
In January, the Dutch Government will take over the Presidency of the European Union, which will make them crucial to the EU renegotiation strategy of the UK government. Europe Minister David Lidington is travelling to the Hague today, Thursday 26 November, to see the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bert...
26 November 2015
TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady and leader of the German trade union movement DGB President Reiner Hoffman have issued a statement on the UK's EU renegotiation strategy, setting out shared principles for the Europe they want to see.
19 November 2015
TUC Head of EU and International Relations Owen Tudor spoke at the Charter Group in Dublin on 23 October about the British Government's EU referendum strategy and the threat it posed not only to the rights of British workers but to the European social model generally.
25 October 2015
At the 2015 ETUC Congress in Paris, Paul McCarthy from the GMB, a member of the TUC delegation, spoke about the Trade Union Bill.
05 October 2015
Paul McCarthy, GMB and TUC, spoke at the 2015 ETUC Congress in Paris on the Dying to Work campaign and health and safety at work
05 October 2015
Steve Turner, TUC and Unite, spoke on paragraph 43 of the Manifesto and paragraphs 331 to 338 of the Action Programme at the ETUC Congress 2015 in Paris, on ETUC trade policy.
03 October 2015