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The TUC works with trade unions around the world. Because of resources, we concentrate on a small number of countries where:

  • the country’s workers or trade unions face particularly difficult circumstances
  • the country plays a significant role in world affairs, or is pivotal in international discussions on trade or labour standards
  • the country has a major trade union movement or
  • the country’s trade union movement conducts significant solidarity work.

For more information on the TUC’s particular work in a country which falls into one or more of these categories, see Australia, Brazil, Burma, China, Colombia, Cuba, France, Germany, India, Iraq, Israel/Palestine, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Nigeria, Russia,Scandinavia, South Africa, Turkey, USA and Zimbabwe.

IDM - Monthly newsletter reporting international development matters and issues affecting trade unionists around the world. Including reports, statements, interviews and events.
26 May 2016
As part of a global trade union day of action against the legislative coup underway in Brazil through the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, TUC International Spokesperson Sally Hunt is today meeting with the Brazilian Ambassador to the UK to hand in a letter from the TUC.
10 May 2016
Maureen Onyia-Ekwuazi, Head of the Occupational Health and Safety Department at the Nigeria Labour Congress has sent us the following report on what has happened in Nigeria since the conclusion of a TUC Aid project on HIV/AIDS which was implemented between 2009 and 2012. It shows the lasting impact that...
01 May 2016
This letter from two jailed Iranian teacher trade unionists announces the reasons for their hunger strike. The TUC will be joining protests against the Iranian regime's appalling record on abuse of workers' rights on 1 May.
26 April 2016
Portuguese translation of a blog by TUC Head of European Union and International Relations Owen Tudor
26 April 2016
TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady has signed a letter prepared by the CUT Brazil, our sister organisation, to oppose the parliamentary coup underway against President Dilma Rousseff. Here is a Portuguese translation.
26 April 2016
A Bill on Agency Work before the Turkish Parliament is but one of the latest examples of the Turkish governments attacks on the rights of Turkish workers. The TUC has written to the Turkish Ambassador in the UK outlining why its in breach of ILO Convention No 87 and calling...
22 April 2016
TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady, has written to Commissioner Malmstrom to accompany our response to the European Commission consultation on possible changes in the methodology to establish dumping/subsidisation in trade defence investigations of China.
21 April 2016
TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady has joined 120 other global and national trade union leaders from 34 countries around the world in solidarity with the Brazilian trade union movement. The Brazilian unions are demanding an end to the judicial and political coup being attempted by the elite forces who ran...
15 April 2016
The TUC expresses solidarity with Saharawi prisoners on hunger strike and calls upon the Government of Morocco to release them without further delay.
06 April 2016