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The TUC has enjoyed long-standing relations with the trade union movement in Nigeria and helped mobilise international support for the struggle against dictatorship, spearheaded by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), during the country’s transition to democracy in the 1990s. We have supported the NLC in its recent campaign against attempts to erode trade union and human rights. The NLC and the TUC are currently collaborating in a project designed to enhance the role of women in trade union activities.

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IDM - Monthly newsletter reporting international development matters and issues affecting trade unionists around the world. Including reports, statements, interviews and events.
04 July 2017
Maureen Onyia-Ekwuazi, Head of the Occupational Health and Safety Department at the Nigeria Labour Congress has sent us the following report on what has happened in Nigeria since the conclusion of a TUC Aid project on HIV/AIDS which was implemented between 2009 and 2012. It shows the lasting impact that...
01 May 2016
Independent researchers recognize trade union contribution to HIV prevention in Nigeria.
07 August 2013
To mark World AIDS Day, the TUC held a seminar on Monday 3 December bringing together Nigerian trade unionist Maureen Onyia and international trade union and AIDS campaign speakers to talk about what can be done to promote workplace solutions. TUC Assistant General Secretary Kay Carberry gave the following speech...
03 December 2012
TUC Assistant General Secretary Kay Carberry addressed the TUC World AIDS Day event on 3 December, about the role of unions and workplace action against HIV/AIDS.
03 December 2012
IDM - Monthly newsletter reporting international development matters and issues affecting trade unionists around the world.
31 May 2012
The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) is mobilizing support for the implementation of the ILO Recommendation on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work adopted by the International Labour Conference in June 2010.
15 May 2012
Voluntary Counseling Confidential Testing (VCCT) organized under the NLC-TUC workplace initiative has proved popular among workers in the Federal Capital Territory in Nigeria where HIV prevalence is considered to be third highest in the country.
03 February 2012
The Nigeria Labour Congress and the Nigeria Trades Union Congress have suspended industrial action following the Federal Government's decision to reduce the price of petrol from N141 to N97 and agree to some other demands.
17 January 2012
At the end of the second day of the Nigerian General Strike, NLC Acting General Secretary Owei Lakemfa and TUC Secretary General John Kolawole write about the horrific attacks on protesters and strikers.
11 January 2012