Support Palestinian statehood this week

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Support Palestinian statehood this week

The TUC is supporting the Palestinian bid to be recognised as a member state of the United Nations at the end of this week. Pressure is urgently needed on the UK government to vote in favour.

Palestinian leaders are calling on the United Nations to recognise an independent Palestinian state at the upcoming UN general assembly meeting.

The Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions has asked sister unions around the world to support the call. The TUC, through Congress and the Executive, is backing it.

Over 120 nations from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America have already endorsed this initiative, but Israel's right-wing government and the US vehemently oppose it.

The EU, and especially the UK, are still undecided on the issue - so we urgently need to put pressure on them.

What you can do

On Wednesday 21 September, join the Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East for a demonstration in support of a Palestinian state opposite 10 Downing Street, 5 - 7pm.

Online campaign group Avaaz are seeking one million signatures supporting an independent Palestinian state. They have just over 950,000 signatures. Click here to sign the petition now.

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