TUC mourns murdered Iraqi trade unionist

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Solidarity with Iraqi trade unionists

TUC statement

3 April 2007

Najim A Jasem

The TUC has condemned the abduction, torture and murder of Iraqi trade unionist Najim Abd-Jasem, General Secretary of the Mechanic Workers' Union..

Sue Rogers, Chair of the TUC Iraq Solidarity Committee, had met Najim, and said:

'Najim was one of the most positive influences in the Iraqi trade union movement. He was very progressive, and very clear about where the movement needed to go.'

The TUC will continue to support trade unionists in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan, and will continue to press for better labour laws and more protection for the trade union movement from sectarian killings.

The Iraqi trade union movement, the GFIW, has issued the following statement:

' Najim A Jasem was kidnapped by militias on 27 March. His body was found on 30 March 2007. His body bears huge signs of torture. He was member of the underground Workers' Trade Union Movement (WDTUM) and fought against the regime of Saddam. He was dismissed from his job because of his trade union activities. He was reinstated after the fall of Saddam. He was one of the key founder of the new democratic IFTU, now the GFIW, and was elected the General Secretary of the Mechanics Workers' Union.'

The TUC send condolences to his family and colleagues.

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