Protest at Iranian Embassy - Friday 26 June from 12:30pm

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Protest at Iranian Embassy

Global Solidarity Action Day

12:30-1:30pm, Friday 26 June 2009

Against the background of post-election turmoil in Iran, the TUC is joining Amnesty International and the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) to organise a protest at the Iranian Embassy this Friday. Please come wearing black if possible.

As part of the Global Solidarity Action Day: Justice for Iranian Workers, we will protest from 12:30-1:30pm opposite the Iranian Embassy, 16 Prince's Gate, London SW7 1PT in Knightsbridge.

TUC International spokesperson Sally Hunt (UCU General Secretary); Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen; and ITF General Secretary Dave Cockcroft will attempt to deliver over 1`6,000 postcards calling on Iran to release jailed Iranian prisoners.

And protesters dressed in black will hold up placards bearing the names of those arrested at trade union demonstrations on May Day last month in Tehran and still not released.

Take action today

Even if you can't join us on Friday (there is a separate action in Newcastle), the TUC is urging British trade unionists to join Amnesty International's Urgent Action for these trade unionists. You can register your protest online.

Background information

Eight members of the Metal workers and Mechanics Union who were also arrested on 1 May have been released in recent days. The arrested trade unionists were all part of a larger group arrested in the course of the commemorations marking International Workers' Day on 1 May.

Iranian workers continue to face tough times. They often wait for months to receive wages, are made 'redundant' when they complain, and are beaten up and arrested when they protest.

Only puppet unions are allowed by the Iranian government. Independent unions are brutally repressed, their leaders flung in jail and their protests broken up.

May Day demonstrations this year were attacked with tear gas, beatings and arrests. Many are still detained by the police.

Trade unionists like Farzad Kamangar (teachers), Ali Nejati (sugar workers), Mansour Osanloo, Ebrahim Madadi (bus workers) and Mahmoud Salehi (bakers) are regularly arrested and harassed.

This repression is an unacceptable denial of fundamental human rights. Iran refuses to sign the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions on the freedom to join unions and negotiate with employers.

Unions around the world, together with Amnesty International, demand justice for our brothers and sisters in Iran. On Friday 26 June, we are protesting worldwide for:

  • the release of all imprisoned trade unionists
  • recognition of all independent workers' organisations in Iran
  • ratification of ILO Conventions on freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
  • the reinstatement of unfairly dismissed workers.

For more information about the global solidarity action day please visit

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