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The TUC has issued a statement that explains what is going on at the Calais refugee camp where vulnerable people - including children - face imminent destruction of their last refuge. Produced in association with Care4Calais, the statement will be discussed with our French sister unions, and will be used...
28 September 2016
Message of solidarity from the TUC to the French trade union federations CGT, FO and CFDT, following the 13 October attacks in Paris.
16 November 2015
Solidarity messages for the Save Our NHS - 7 March Rally from 9 health and other public sector unions in Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Korea, Norway, South Africa, Sweden and Zimbabwe, collected by Unison.
03 March 2012
Solidarity messages for the Save Our NHS - 7 March Rally from the national trade union centres of France, USA and Zimbabwe.
03 March 2012
At SERTUC's ‘International Conference' on Saturday, (14 June), trade unionists from London, the South East, the East of England and beyond will meet with trade unionists and international speakers from across the world to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing working people and their families in the world today. The...
09 June 2008