Launch of guidelines for TUC International Development Learning Fund

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TUC Strategic Framework Partnership Arrangement (SFPA)

Launch of new International Development Learning Fund Guidelines

In the past few years, particularly with the signing of a three year Strategic Grant Agreement with the TUC in 2003, the publication of their policy paper 'Labour Standards and Poverty Reduction' in 2004, the 'How to Work with Trade Unions' staff guide in 2005, and now in 2006 with the a new White Paper and the new SFPA with the TUC, the Department For International Development (DFID) has increased its recognition of the key role trade unions play in international development and poverty reduction.

Whilst British trade unions during this time have also become more active in this area, trade union applications to DFID's major civil society funding streams have not comparably increased nor their success rate improved. To change this situation, a key focus of the new three-year TUC/DFID SFPA is to set up an International Development Learning Fund (IDLF). The aim of the Fund is to build TUC affiliated trade union capacity to work on international development: to raise development awareness amongst their membership and/or to work in partnership with developing country trade unions, with the ultimate goal of reducing global poverty.

The Guidelines for the IDLF are now available here. TUC Affiliates are invited to consider how they might engage with the Fund and can contact Gemma Freedman the SFPA Project Officer for advice or clarifications on [email protected] or 0207 467 1233.

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