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Colombia is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a trade unionist. More than 3,000 trade unionists have been murdered there since 1989, mostly by right-wing paramilitaries in collusion with security forces. Other violations of workers' human rights include threats, displacement, militarisation of workplaces, declaration of strikes as illegal and arbitrary detention of trade unionists.

The TUC has strong relationships with Colombia’s three trade union confederations: the ICFTU-affiliated Confederación de Trabajadores de Colombia (CTC) and the non-affiliated [name] CUT, in particular are in close and regular contact. We work closely with Justice for Colombia (JfC), encouraging British and Colombian trade unions to develop links. Many British union organisations now support Colombian trade unions, helping to build their capacity to organise and defend their members' interests.

The TUC is also active in ILO attempts to put pressure on the Colombian Government to end violations of human and union rights.
Learn more about Justice for Colombia.

Huber Ballesteros, vice-president of the agricultural workers union FENSUAGRO, has been held in detention since 2013, in contravention of Colombian law. Justice for Colombia with the backing of the TUC has been working with politicians both in Colombia and the UK to get Huber released. See an English version of...
21 September 2016
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26 May 2016
The TUC has backed an Amnesty International urgent action calling for an investigation into the murder of farmer Ernesto Guzman and demanding action from the Colombian government to finally disarm and dismantle the paramilitary groups that remain the biggest threat to trade unionists and other human rights defenders in the...
02 October 2015
Four human rights defenders have been arrested in Colombia and there are fears that more arrests may follow. The TUC condemns this cynical attempt to silence dissent from trade unions and indigenous and peasant groups, and calls for action to bring law enforcement agencies to heel.
21 July 2015
A letter of thanks from jailed Colombian trade union leader Huber Ballesteros for his nomination for the Solidar Silver Rose Award.
10 January 2015
The TUC General Secretary has written to the Colombian Ambassador to protest at the murder of transport union leader Fernando Florez.
15 October 2013
The Colombian union leader Huber Ballesteros must be released immediately and the charges against him dropped, the TUC has demanded in a letter to the Colombian government.
30 August 2013
The TUC General Secretary has written to the Colombian ambassador to protest at the arrest and continued detention of Colombian trade union leader Huber Ballesteros. Huber was arrested on the day he was due to visit the British embassy in Bogotá to collect the visa that would have enabled him...
27 August 2013
TUC General Secretary has written to the Colombian Ambassador expressing her concern for the safety of trade unionists
13 August 2013
The TUC general secretary has written to the Colombian ambassador in London to raise serious concerns over death threats made against oil workers union leader and community activist Hector Sanchez and his family. The TUC have joined international calls for protection to be provided and the threats to be fully...
02 August 2013