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labour standards explained
standards in detail
five reasons why we need them
what trade unions want
dispelling the myths
what you can do

Getting to the Core is a new pamphlet produced by the TUC. It is designed to be a clear and brief introduction to the international trade union movements demands for the universal implementation of the United Nations International Labour Organisation’s - Core Labour Standards. These are standards which are designed to adopted and implemented in all countries regardless of their level of economic development and which in theory all of the 178 nations belonging to the ILO are supposed to respect.

The standards cover; freedom from forced and child labour, freedom from discrimination in the work place and the right to join a union and bargain collectively. The pamphlet is divided into six sections; Core Labour Standards explained, the standards in detail, the reasons we need them, what unions want, dispelling the myths that surround them and what members here can do to support them.

Without a bedrock of Core Labour Standards reshaping globalisation so that the benefits of global economic growth reach the majority is impossible. Pressure on the British government to support initiatives to improve implementation is needed more than ever and to do this union officials, activists and members need to know more about them as well so take a couple of minutes to read this pamphlet.

Hard copies are available from TUC European Union and International Relations Department contact Tanya Warlock [email protected] or alternatively you can download the full pamphlet as a pdf

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