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The TUC guide on your rights at work in the
This interactive guide (eNote) is a short, self-study module about
The TUC has produced a guide to assist union workplace

The TUC has always been internationalist, working with unions throughout the world for social justice. In particular, the TUC has played a key role in advancing workers' rights in Europe and making the case for social Europe. We are affiliated to the world trade union body, the ITUC and the European TUC - both of which maintain up to date links to unions throughout the world.

Reacting to the news of the sad passing of Rhodri Morgan, Wales TUC General Secretary Martin Mansfield said: "This is very sad news for the Morgan family and for us all. "Rhodri was a huge figure in Welsh and UK politics, he moved devolution away from a very limited contested...
18 May 2017
The TUC has published a new briefing, Protecting Health and Safety after Brexit, which warns trade unionists and working people that health and safety protections are at risk from the government’s Brexit plans.
17 May 2017
A decision announced today (Tuesday) by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has important consequences for Brexit and the future trade deals that the UK makes with the EU, says the TUC.
16 May 2017
The debate around Brexit, and the possibility that the UK will readjust its economic model to preserve its competitive advantage, has reawakened concerns about the ‘race to the bottom’ in Europe. Given the uncertain terms under which the Brexit negotiations will be carried out and the consequences of the policy...
05 May 2017
A new study published today (Friday) by the TUC warns that working people in both the UK and the EU are at risk from the erosion of workplace rights after Brexit – especially those in low-skilled jobs.
05 May 2017
Report by NIESR for the TUC. An increase in insecure forms of work has been identified in most European countries. While there is widespread agreement on the international expansion of insecure forms of work, the drivers and subsequent nature of that insecurity are thought to be highly variable. This report...
03 May 2017
Commenting on the EU’s guidelines for the Brexit negotiations, agreed by the leaders of the remaining 27 member states, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:
29 April 2017
IDM - Monthly newsletter reporting international development matters and issues affecting trade unionists around the world. Including reports, statements, interviews and events.
28 April 2017
A TUC Aid project, in partnership with NGWF, is supporting training for woman leaders within the union to develop knowledge on labour law, grievance resolution and collective bargaining and to develop their skills and confidence as union negotiators
28 April 2017
TUC Aid funds granted to the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) are being used to fund a trade union coordinator for the ETI programme to improve the condition of women in the textile sector in Tamil Nadu, South India. This programme has brought trade unions, NGOs, local employers and ETI member...
26 April 2017