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Action for rail

The TUC is committed to the development of integrated transport, to promoting a greater role for public transport, and to ensuring that future development is sustainable.

Action for Rail is a campaign involving the TUC, and its affiliated unions with members working on the railways – ASLEF, RMT, TSSA and Unite. Its aim is to work with passenger groups, rail campaigners and environmentalists to campaign against cuts to rail services and staffing and to promote the case for integrated, national rail under public ownership.

Members of the RMT trade union are on strike today (Tuesday) in opposition to Southern Rail’s plan to increase the number of trains without a safety trained guard on board.
21 June 2016
The government’s Shaw Report into the future shape and financing of Network Rail was published today (Wednesday), which ‘dismissed’ the possibility of privatising Network Rail.
16 March 2016
Commuters on the UK’s privatised railways returning to work today (Monday) will face new fare increases, while spending up to six times as much of their salaries on rail fares as European passengers on publicly-owned railways, new analysis has revealed.
04 January 2016
embargo : 00.01hrs 24 December 2015 The report – Staying On The Right Track by Dr John Stittle (Senior Lecturer in Accounting at the University of Essex) – also warns of a “disastrous” return to the days of Railtrack if Network Rail becomes a for-profit company. The report was commissioned...
24 December 2015
Commenting on the latest delay to the decision on the expansion of UK airport capacity, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Trade unions and businesses stand ready to work together to deliver the Heathrow expansion recommended by the Airports Commission. But while the government keeps delaying, the British people will...
11 December 2015
Last Friday the Rail Delivery Group announced that fares will rise by an average of 1.1 per cent from January. That includes unregulated fares like off-peak leisure and advance purchase tickets (set by the train companies), and regulated fares (set by government) which can’t rise by more than one per...
07 December 2015
Commenting on today’s (Thursday) Shaw Report on the future of Network Rail, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “The future of Network Rail is of key importance not only for commuters and rail industry workers, but for our national infrastructure too. “Network Rail must remain a public body that –...
12 November 2015
Rail fares for season tickets, and other regulated fares, have risen nearly three times faster than wages over the last five years, according to new analysis published today (Tuesday) by the TUC and the rail unions’ Action for Rail campaign.
18 August 2015
Commenting on the announcement today (Wednesday) that the Airports Commission report has recommended that Heathrow Airport should be expanded, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “We welcome the publication of this report which follows a lengthy, evidence-based consideration of Britain’s needs for greater airport capacity. Like other interested parties the...
01 July 2015
Policy makers, legal experts and rail trade unions are meeting in Brussels today (Thursday) to discuss how Europe’s decision makers can learn from the experiences of Britain and Sweden on the railways. The meeting comes as the European Union prepares to debate the latest draft measures in the "Fourth Rail...
28 May 2015