TUC makes bid for chart success in week of pension day of action

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Monday 21 November 2011

TUC makes bid for chart success in week of pension day of action

The TUC has brought together a group of public sector staff as The Workers to re-record the classic song Let's Work Together as a charity track that celebrates everything that is good about the public sector and raises money for today's pensioners.

The song, released on the NOVA MUSIC label and available to download from iTunes, Amazon and other leading online outlets, will be launched today (Monday 21 November) and will chart on Sunday 27 November - the week of the TUC day of action and what is likely to be the biggest strike in a generation.

The Workers are 14-strong and include a firefighter, probation officers, a teacher and health service staff including a nurse, midwives and a physiotherapist. The record was created and produced by Jeff Chegwin and Nick Patrick - the hit production team behind the million-selling group The Soldiers.

The TUC chose Let's Work Together as a song that captures the spirit of the public sector at its best and the determination of its workforce to defend services and proper rewards for its staff. The song will be accompanied by a video that documents the recording of the song and shows how its central character depends on public services throughout a typical journey to work.

A major part of the sale price, equivalent to about 40p out of the 99p cost in most outlets, will be donated by the TUC to Age UK to show support for today's pensioners.

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: 'No song could better meet our twin goals. Not only does it capture the determination of public sector staff to reach a fair settlement of the pensions issue but also what is so special about the magnificent people who provide our vital services.

'But better still, this is not just some karaoke sing-along. We have discovered some real stars who have made this into a track that will get even ministerial toes tapping.'

Producer Jeff Chegwin said: 'This has been a fantastic project. The spirit, commitment and talent of the singers who make up The Workers have been an inspiration. If they are like this at work, then we are lucky to have them providing our public services.'

Singer Rosie Gosden, a midwife from London whose daughter Viv - a midwife too - also sings on Let's Work Together, said: 'This has been tremendous fun. It's a chance to do what I love best - singing - in the service in what I most believe, good public services.

'Our determination to make this a big charity fundraiser shows we care for today's pensioners as well as tomorrow's.'

Singer Tim Wilson from Gateshead, Chair of Napo (the Probation and Family Court Union), said 'We're singing out loud for public services. Our jobs are different, but we share a love of music.

'Too often our campaigning is too serious. Of course important issues are at stake, but that does not mean that we can't think of more imaginative and fun ways of getting our message across.

'Hopefully the public will get the message, work together and support us - and the money they pay for the record will help elderly people too.'

Notes to Editors

More about the song and the singers is available at the song website www.theworkers.org.uk

Several singers from The Workers will be available for interview, along with producers Jeff Chegwin and Nick Patrick and a TUC spokesperson, to launch the song on Monday 21 November. Further interviews can be arranged throughout the week via the TUC press office.

Embargoed copies of the single, photos and short biographies of each singer, as well as photos of the studio recording are available from the TUC press office. The video to accompany the song will be available from Friday 18 November.

To arrange an interview please contact the TUC press office on 020 7467 1248.

TUC Media enquiries:

Rob Holdsworth E: [email protected]

Liz Chinchen E: [email protected]

Elly Gibson E: [email protected]

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