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The TUC and education unions are actively campaigning against specific aspects of the government’s education policy. A key campaigning priority is to raise awareness of the detrimental impact of the expansion of “for profit” education providers and the danger of greater privatisation in all parts of the education sector. This campaign was officially launched in March 2014 with the publication of a detailed research report and a campaign pamphlet and the TUC has now established a dedicated Education not for Sale website to support campaigning activities.

The TUC works closely with the affiliated education unions on policy and workforce issues across all parts of education, including early years provision, schools, colleges, universities and work-based learning routes.  Please note that the unionlearn website contains a lot more information on learning at work and the union role in support of this.  Other parts of the TUC website also cover skills policy and issues relating to learning and training at work.

The TUC response opposes the central proposal in the green paper to expand grammar schools. According to all the major research findings, this will benefit wealthier families, discriminate against poorer families, and undermine the status and capacity of many existing good schools in local areas. The other key proposals in...
13 December 2016
Commenting on GCSE results released today (Thursday), Director of unionlearn Liz Rees said:
25 August 2016
Commenting on the publication today (Friday) of revised government guidance on the apprenticeships levy, along with a confirmation that the levy will be introduced by April 2017, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:
12 August 2016
The NUT has arranged a number of marches and rallies across the region as they take part in a one day strike. Details of the dispute can be found here . If you would like to show your support, details are below. Lancaster: March Assembly Point: 11.00 at Dalton Square,...
04 July 2016
The new edition of the Wales TUC Education Service course booklet is now available, giving details of courses available for all union reps in Wales from this September 2016 up to July 2017. As well as courses, the booklet also provides details of Wales TUC networks, events, resources and other...
04 May 2016
Commenting on the latest graduate employment figures published today (Tuesday), which show that over one in three (33.8%) graduates are doing non-graduate jobs, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “There are simply not enough quality jobs for young people leaving university. “Far too many graduates are being forced take on...
26 April 2016
The TUC response to the Higher Education Green Paper calls into question the general policy intent which is predicated on driving student debt up further, extending marketisation and largely ignoring the principle that excellent teaching, social mobility and student choice will only be achieved if we ensure that teaching and...
22 March 2016
Teachers at the Alfreton Grange Arts College in Derbyshire today took their second day of strike action in opposition to the imposed significant changes to the school day that were introduced at the start of the academic year.
20 October 2015
The TUC, along with the seven teaching and school support unions in England, have issued a revised version of the TUC Academies Model Agreement. In line with previous editions, the agreement aims to give unions greater recognition in academies and free schools, improve their negotiating position and allow reps the...
20 July 2015
New research published today (Sunday), and commissioned by the TUC from Landman Economics, finds that middle-income families with children face the biggest cash-equivalent losses from services cuts. TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: This analysis shows how middle-income families are being hit much harder than those at the top. After...
05 July 2015