From 11 February, Wales TUC is marking Heart Unions Week, celebrating the great work that trade unions do to every day.
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Mark Drakeford - First Minister of Wales/Prif Weinidog Cymru

Mark Drakeford - First Minister of Wales/Prif Weinidog Cymru

All over Wales there are unions making sure people are better off at work, protecting jobs, pushing for higher pay, and helping Welsh workers access learning and training.

We want workers get a better deal by giving them a real say in their workplaces.

Work has become more casual, meaning lower-paid workers are especially vulnerable. Low and zero-hour contracts have become the norm. This is the reality of work for far too many people today.

The Office for National Statistics states that over 200,000 Welsh workers are stuck in jobs that offer them little or no security – low-paid agency work, bogus self-employment or zero-hour contracts.

Just over 14% of working people in Wales are unable to plan their lives – dealing with constantly changing shift patterns and no guarantee of work.

A generation of young workers have entered the job market with very low expectations of work, a belief that they cannot change anything about the terms of their employment and a lack of trust in their colleagues.

The use of zero-hour contracts is higher in sectors without a large union presence or collective bargaining agreements. 

That’s why Wales TUC is fighting to eradicate these exploitative contracts from the working world. We know that people deserve better – and they need the tools to improve their working lives. That’s why we’re encouraging workers to join a trade union and help make work better for everybody.

Together we can make Wales a Fair Work Nation.

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Shavanah Taj - Wales TUC President

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