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TUC LESE Pensioners' Network Update: Over 75s TV Licence Campaign and Social Care
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Tue, 21 Sep 2021 - 13:00 to 15:00
FREE ADMISSION (registration essential)

Tuesday 21 September 2021 

1pm - 3pm 

Zoom online

Guest Speakers:

Beverley Morrison, National Pensioners Convention (NPC)  NPC National Public Affairs Manager - experienced journalist and public relations specialist, Beverley has worked in broadcasting, newspapers and events management. She joined the NPC in January 2020, just weeks prior to the outbreak of the pandemic. She is committed to campaigning with NPC colleagues on a wide range of key issues affecting older people.

Over 75s TV Licence Campaign - NPC is continuing to campaign for the re-statement of the free TV Licence for all over 75s. We have always believed that this important entitlement - which pensioners received to compensate for the low UK state pension - should be of the responsibility of the government and not the BBC. We believe the loss of the free licence will cause great hardship to many retired people.

Lord Prem Sikka - member of the UK House of Lords and Emeritus Professor of Accounting at the University of Essex and University of Sheffield. His research on accountancy, auditing, tax avoidance, tax havens, corruption, corporate governance, money laundering, insolvency and business affairs has been published in international scholarly journals, books, newspapers and magazines.

Social care - aim of the talk is to call for a universal social care, free at the point of delivery. The talk will highlight the fundamental fault lines in social care. It will also show how free universal social care can be provided through redistribution of income and wealth, without increasing the basic rate or the 40% rate of income tax or an increase in the basic rate of national insurance contributions. Lord Sikka Briefing Note: HERE

Frances O'Grady, TUC General Secretary, statement on social care: HERE

Please register: / 020 7467 1220

This meeting is organised by LESE Pensioners' Network 

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