TUC Leading Change Programme 2016/17

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Date and time of event: 
Thu 21 Jul 2016 - 10:00 to Fri 17 Feb 2017 - 14:00
Venue and town/city: 
About this event: 

The TUC launched ‘Leading Change’, a training and development programme aimed at senior trade union officers in leadership positions in 2004. Since its launch, over 150 senior union officers have completed the programme. The programme, which will be delivered in partnership with the Birkbeck University and the Labor & Worklife programme at Harvard University, is a comprehensive package of training, discussion and support spread across four modules delivered over a 9 month period. Sharing ideas and experience is a key element of the programme.

The core modules of the programme will be:

• Module 1: Organising unions in a changing world (July 21 &22 – Warwick University)

• Module 2: Strategic Choice, Campaigning and Coalition Building (October 31 to November 4 – Harvard law School, Cambridge, MA USA)

• Module 3: Rethinking Industrial Relations (January 12 & 13 – London)

• Module 4: Planning and implementing change (February 16 and 17 – London).

The programme will include an international study visit to the United States jointly organised with the Harvard University Labor and Worklife programme. The total cost of the programme this year will be £1,900 per participant, including course costs and meals. This cost does not include accommodation in Cambridge or Warwick and/or flights. Further information on accommodation and flight costs are available on request.

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