Negotiating for a Just Transition – a course for union reps
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Negotiating for a Just Transition – a course for union reps
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Event details
Mon, 13 Jun 2022 - 09:30 to
Mon, 27 Jun 2022 - 16:30

Tutors : Graham Petersen and John James

Duration – 3 days’ worth of learning – 1 day per week spread over 3 consecutive weeks

Dates:  Monday 13 June, Monday 20 June and Monday 27 June 2022

Times: 9.30 – 4.30

Venue: Online delivery

Cost: Free


What is the course about?
The climate and nature emergency is one of the gravest threats we face. The Welsh Government has legislated for ambitious new climate targets to reach net-zero by 2050, with decisive action in the next decade to reduce emissions by around two-thirds.

The changes that are coming over the next decade will affect workers across all sectors and workplaces. As trade unions, we are committed to standing up for fairness for workers, especially during times of change. We know that a ‘just transition’ will not happen by itself, and that union organisation and mobilisation is vital to ensure that workers’ interests are protected in the changes that are coming. One thing is for sure – ‘business as usual’ is not a viable strategy.

This course will help to equip union professional officers with information and ideas about how to respond strategically to the challenge of giving workers a voice on the transition to a net-zero economy. It will help union reps to develop negotiation strategies on workplace transition planning and develop understanding of the wider impact of the transition on issues such as workplace skills, jobs and health and safety.

We will cover the following:

  1. Examine why a just transition is central to future economic strategy
  2. Review regional, national, and international climate change policies
  3. Review national and international trade union policies
  4. Identify industry sector green economy policies
  5. Obtain members views on just transition priorities
  6. Develop negotiating strategies on priority issues in the workplace / community

Who is the course for?
This course has been designed specifically for branch officials, union reps and any other reps with an interest in finding out more about negotiating for a just transition in the workplace.

How to apply:
Applications to: John James, Trade Union Studies Centre, Coleg Gwent

Tel: 07527 450276


Venue: online

Hours: 9.30am to 16.45pm

Time-off to attend training:
Guidance on paid release can be found on pages 6 - 7 of the Wales TUC education course directory.

ACAS guidance states that it is good practice for employers to offer time off with pay for specialist reps such as green or environmental reps to attend training and carry out their duties.

Please speak to your own union for advice about securing time off and for guidance on any relevant agreements/procedures agreed between your employer and your union.

About the course tutors
Graham Petersen is an experienced trade union education tutor. He is a member of the University and College Union, and previously their Environment Co-ordinator. He has also represented Education International, the global union federation of over 30 million workers in the education sector, at UN climate conference events.

Graham is a key member of the Greener Jobs Alliance which is a coalition of NGOs, trades unions and student organisations, and has taken on the role of secretary and newsletter editor for the organisation. The GJA has worked on a range of initiatives to promote education for sustainable development and jobs.

Graham has written a number of TUC publications on environmental issues, and recently co-wrote the Greener Workplaces for a Just Transition toolkit with the Wales TUC. We are very pleased that Graham has been able to develop this new ‘Negotiating for a Just Transition’ course for the Wales TUC Education Service. We believe it will be an essential part of our training offer on what will be a key issue for our movement in the coming years.

John James is the TUC Education Coordinator for Coleg Gwent. Many of you may already know John – he has been involved in the development and delivery of trade union courses in Wales for the last 20 years and is an experienced tutor. Most recently he’s developed our new ‘greening our workplaces’ course for green reps in Wales.

John also represents his own union, UCU on a local and national level and has raised many environmental issues onto the agenda. He has represented the TUC and UCU on the European stage attending courses and was a delegate to the trade union preparations for the Paris Climate summit.  

Code of conduct
The TUC is committed to organising activities at which everyone can participate in an inclusive, respectful and safe environment. The TUC has zero tolerance for any type of harassment, including sexual harassment. Aggressive, offensive, intimidatory, disrespectful or unacceptable behaviour or comments will not be tolerated. This supports the commitment set out in the TUC’s rules to promote equality for all and to eliminate all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment, prejudice and unfair discrimination. This policy applies to all aspects of communication at or in connection with an event, including postings on social media.  If you have any concerns about behaviour that you want to raise then please contact us by email


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