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TUC Leading Change Programme 2016/17
The TUC launched ‘Leading Change’, a training and development programme aimed at senior trade union officers in leadership positions in 2004. Since its launch, over 150 senior union officers have completed the programme. The programme, which will be delivered in partnership with the Birkbeck University and the Labor & Worklife programme at Harvard University, is a comprehensive package of training, discussion and support spread across four modules delivered over a 9 month period...
21 July 2016 to 17 February 2017
Reframing Racism
The TUC is a partner in a project with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation looking at recent research on ethnicity and poverty, and the need for a new narrative on race equality. This seminar organised in conjunction with the Northern TUC’s Race Advisory Group will examine the current narrative on race equality and how it can undermine trade unionists’ and anti-racism activists’ attempts to combat racial inequality in the labour market, at work and in the community. Evidence...
08 December 2016
Women's Rights Committee celebrate: Mary Quaile Activist, Agitator and Trades Unionist - Wednesday 18 January 2017
Unlike the Pankhurst’s and Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Quaile’s life reflected the experience of many millions of working-class women at the beginning of the 20th century. Leaving school aged 12, she took up unskilled work as a domestic and cafe worker. But she grew up at a time of great change for working-class women. Locally and nationally, the Suffragettes were breaking all the rules about how women should live their lives. A burgeoning trade union movement, with activists...
18 January 2017
Women and Leadership
The aim of this programme is to support the development of the next generation of women leaders in the trade union movement. The programme is open to members, activists and officers with the aim that over the next few years we will see the number of women holding positions as lay activists, organisers and officers increase. The programme will identify and train talented women who are currently under-represented in our democratic trade union structures, with the long term aim of developing...
19 January 2017 to 20 January 2017
TUC and Equal Opportunities Review, Discrimination Law Conference 2017
This high profile annual conference gives trade unions, law centres, CABx and other voluntary organisations the chance to hear from the leading barristers on the latest legislative developments and landmark equality cases.   Speakers for 2017 Keynote Address  Judge Shona Simon   Pregnancy, maternity and parental rights Rachel Crasnow QC Discrimination because of religion or belief and sexual orientation discrimination Robin Allen QC Equal pay and age...
20 January 2017
Unionlearn Supporting Learners Event
Featuring guest speakers, updates from unionlearn on workplace learning and examples from Union Learning Representatives (ULRs) and unions on their work on Learning and Skills, ULRs, officers and reps are invited to get together for the day and exchange their experiences and ideas. With activities planned on supporting learners, initial learner assessments, social media, online learning, and more there’ll be something for all ULRs and reps on the programme. Please book early to...
31 January 2017
People and pensions: a decent retirement for all
Virtually all aspects of pensions will come under scrutiny in 2017. We can expect the outcome of a review of state pension age, a Green Paper on defined benefit pensions, and a review of automatic enrolment. But despite all this activity we are far from ensuring that all workers will receive adequate incomes in retirement. It is therefore vital that trade unionists remain a strong and informed voice on pensions issues. The TUC pensions conference taking place at Congress House in...
01 February 2017
SERTUC LGBT History Month - Monday 27 February2017
SERTUC LGBT Network OPEN invite to mark LGBT HISTORY MONTH Monday 27 February 2017 6.30 – 9.30pm, TUC Congress House Performers and Guest Speakers to be confirmed This is an important year to mark as the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Act that gave partial decriminalisation of male homosexuality in England & Wales. Although persecution of homosexuals continued and equality was only reached properly in 2004 - it was a landmark. The SERTUC LGBT Network believe that...
27 February 2017
SERTUC Pensioners Seminar - Friday 17 March 2017
SERTUC Pensioners Network OPEN invite: Pensioners Seminar 2017 theme on PENSIONS   Friday 17 March 2017 10.30 - 3.45pm FREE LUNCH PROVIDED INFORMATION STALLS   Guest Speakers include: Alex Cunningham MP, Shadow Pensions Minister Neil Duncan-Jordan, National Pensioners Convention
17 March 2017