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TUC Leading Change Programme 2016/17
The TUC launched ‘Leading Change’, a training and development programme aimed at senior trade union officers in leadership positions in 2004. Since its launch, over 150 senior union officers have completed the programme. The programme, which will be delivered in partnership with the Birkbeck University and the Labor...
21 July 2016 to 17 February 2017
Northern TUC International Forum: Garment Workers Fight Back!
The Northern TUC International Forum and Unison Northern are hosting an event in collaboration with War on Want. Join us and hear from an all-women panel of labour activists from China. Join the women supporting garment workers’ resistance by holding fashion brands to account. The event will be chaired by Conor McArdle, Northern TUC International Forum. Speakers: Sophie Chen, SACOM Patricia Tse, Worker Empowerment Kiki Yeung, Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions...
28 July 2016
Congress 2016
The policy making body of the TUC is the annual Congress which meets for four days each year during September. Each affiliated union can send delegates to Congress - the larger the union, the more it can send. At Congress 'motions' (resolutions for debate) are proposed and discussed. These form the basis of the TUC's work for the next year.
11 September 2016 to 14 September 2016
South West TUC Pensioners' Annual Conference
Organised by an elected committee of retired trade unionists, this conference provides an opportunity for delegates to consider the priority issues facing pensioners. Trade unions bring security and a better way of life to working people and those who have retired. Who should attend? The Pensioners Conference is open to all trade union pensioners. To attend as a voting delegate and be entitled to speak to a motion you will need to be endorsed by your own union or trades union council....
20 October 2016