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Fighting for Anti-Racist Workplaces’ Conference
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Sat, 05 Feb 2022 - 11:00 to 16:00


Mobilising Event for UN Day against Racism

On Saturday, 5 February, trade unionists and workplace activists from across Britain will come together at the ‘Fighting for anti-racist workplaces’ online conference - hosted by the TUC and Stand Up To Racism - to talk about how we oppose the government’s racist offensive.

Boris Johnson and Priti Patel’s Nationality and Borders bill attempt to effectively remove the right to seek asylum in Britain while the scapegoating of refugees and migrants continues. The government’s CRED report denied the reality of institutional racism exposed by the Black Lives Matter movement, despite the massively disproportionate death rate amongst black front line workers and communities.

The government’s new police bill targets BLM activists and the Gypsie, Roma Traveller communities. It strengthens police powers despite the ongoing reality of black communities facing disproportionate use of stop and search and deaths in police contact.

The government is playing the game of divide and rule, attempting to fool working people that ‘others’ are to blame for the problems in our society.

This ‘divide and rule strategy legitimises racism and risks opening the door to the racist and fascist right.

We need to take up these arguments in our workplaces and build the unity needed to oppose racism and austerity.

The Conference will discuss how we do this and maximise the trade union turnout at UN antiracism day events initiated by Stand Up To Racism and supported by the TUC.

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