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TUC Leading Change Programme 2016/17
The TUC launched ‘Leading Change’, a training and development programme aimed at senior trade union officers in leadership positions in 2004. Since its launch, over 150 senior union officers have completed the programme. The programme, which will be delivered in partnership with the Birkbeck University and the Labor & Worklife programme at Harvard University, is a comprehensive package of training, discussion and support spread across four modules delivered over a 9 month period...
21 July 2016 to 17 February 2017
Building Stronger Unions in the North West
As a movement, we face a big challenge: What do to make our unions stronger, to remain relevant and respond to the threats.  We have put together our first Organising Conference in the region to bring together workplace activists and reps from across unions to hear what the challenges are and discuss what we can actually do about it in the schools, factories and offices across the North West.  As part of the Conference, we will have an opening plenary session that includes...
22 October 2016
Unity in the Community
11 November 2016
Young Workers & Austerity
17 November 2016 to 18 November 2016
Midlands TUC Reps Awards Night
The fifth Midlands TUC Reps Awards Night is being held on Friday 18 November 2016 at the iconic Trent Bridge Cricket Ground in Nottingham.  It is an opportunity for us to celebrate what our lay representatives do.  None of them are paid officials, none of them embark on what they do with some vain hope of awards, recognition or pay.  They do it with one principle - they believe in it.  That is why, under the umbrella of the TUC, we hold an evening where we can get those...
18 November 2016
Where now for Equality?
This year's Equality Conference will ask the question, "Where now for Equality?" with speakers and workshops from our unions and academics contributing to the debate. A list of speakers and available workshops will be finalised shortly.  You can register your interest on the form below. 
19 November 2016