Equality Issues

TUC conference to discuss how to get 5,000 disabled Londoners back to work every year.
11 May 2000
Working mothers get better deal and a new TUC leaflet tells them how.
28 April 2000
New poll shows a strong public support for the equal treatment of gay workers. Almost three-quarters of the people questioned in new research released by the TUC say it is wrong for employers to sack or treat lesbian or gay workers any differently from thier straight employees.
19 April 2000
Some 400 delegates will be in Southport from Friday to Sunday 16 April for this year's TUC Black Workers' conference, which is being held under the slogan NEW AGENDA - driving change.
07 April 2000
TUC launches fair day's pay campaign at women's conference. Women are still not getting a fair day's pay for their work, despite 30 years of equal pay legsilation and a new National Minimum Wage accoring to a TUC report 'A Fair day's pay' published today.
08 March 2000
Unions call on employers to adopt family friendly policies.
03 March 2000
The Government is set to introduce European Law on part time workers in such a minimalist way that only 1 in every 150 part time workers might benefit (45,000 out of Britain's 6.8 million part timers) according to the government's own regulatory assessment.
02 March 2000
On the first anniversary of the Macpherson report Brendan Barber, TUC Deputy General Secretary, speaks at the National Assembly Against Racism.
25 February 2000
Cherie Booth QC has agreed to represent the TUC as it tries to change the way the government introduced unpaid parental leave.
04 February 2000
Qualified black and Asian workers face growing race discrimination in career advancement. A new report from the TUC says ethnic monitoring should be mandatory on employers to end the discrimination against growing numbers of highly qualified black and asian workers.
26 January 2000