Equality Issues

Qualified black and Asian workers face growing race discrimination in career advancement. A new report from the TUC says ethnic monitoring should be mandatory on employers to end the discrimination against growing numbers of highly qualified black and asian workers.
26 January 2000
The TUC's executive has decided to mount a legal challenge to the government's parental leave regulations, following advice from Cherie Booth QC that the exclusion of parents with children born before December 1999 was in breach of European law.
19 January 2000
The TUC welcomes the proposals in the report from the government's Disability Rights Task Force.
13 December 1999
TUC comments on the Cabinet Office's announcement of a major set of cross-govermental initiatives on equality.
30 November 1999
The TUC has responded to the DfEE consultation on the future of Supported Employment. The TUC wants to see an expansion of the programme with real choice for disabled people at the heart of it.
18 November 1999
TUC reaction to Incomes Data Services report on boardroom pay.
27 October 1999
TUC comment on the European Court of Justice ruling that the banning of lesbians and gays from the armed forces is a breach of human rights. Also announces the Fringe meeting at the Labour Party conference in Bournemouth, Winning equality for lesbians and gays under a labour government.
27 September 1999
The TUC's one day conference, Advancing the Disability Debate, is to step up pressure on bad bosses who discriminate against their disabled employees with a call for all workplaces to be covered by disability discrimination legislation.
16 July 1999
Two-thirds of mothers return to work after maternity leave, and most couples with children now both work. The need for employers to take account of the problems faced by parents and other carers who have to juggle a job and home has never been greater.
05 July 1999
Released to coincide with the first day of the TUC's annual Lesbian and Gay Conference (1-2 July), 'Lesbian and Gay Rights at Work: A TUC Charter for Equality' sets out to provide guidance for trade unions (Priced publication).
01 July 1999