Root Out Racism - media pack

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Monday 19 June - Friday 23 June 9am To 9pm




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Further details from: Mike Power, TUC, Congress House, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS

tel: 020 7467 1287 pager: 01426 845676 fax: 020 7467 1241 e-mail: [email protected]

web site: Contents
Notes For Editors 3

About the Hotline 4

· Aim and theme

· What is institutional racism

· Audience and objectives

· Financial supporters

Media Information 6

· Contacts and people available for interview

· Celebrity endorsements, quotes and photo availability

· Launch event - 19 June

· Organisation

Two Poems By Adrian Mitchell 8

Black and Asian Workers in Britain - Fact Sheet 10

List of Celebrity Endorsements and Quotes 11

· Writers

· TV, stage, screen actors and entertainers’

· Sports

· Musical

· Others

Notes for editors:

  • Full information about the TUC’s Stephen Lawrence Task Group is available on the Group’s website on The site includes this information pack and the Task Group’s newsletters, reports, press releases, and training opportunities.
  • The hotline will be launched on Monday 19 June, at the TUC: the evening of the first full day of the line being open. Further details on page 6. This event, which will contain a short cabaret as well as introductory statements is open to media. Please contact Mike Power or Ann-Marie Evans at the numbers above if you would like to attend.

About the hotline

The TUC’s 'Root Out Racism' hotline, on 08000 320033, will be open for five days from Monday 19 until Friday 23 June for 12 hours per day between 9am and 9pm. The purpose of the hotline is to collect personal stories about racist abuse at work, and of the effects it has on those who suffer from it. The line will also offer advice to those who seek help to deal with problems. Reports of the evidence from the hotline will be released to the media and subsequently a report will be published.

Aim and Theme

The hotline is part of the work of the TUC’s 'Stephen Lawrence Task Group', which was set up following the Macpherson report into Stephen Lawrence’s murder. The Task Group’s remit is to tackle institutional racism in the workplace. It is doing so through a major programme of education and training, publications, media reports, and campaigns. The Task Group has the active backing of Stephen’s father Neville Lawrence, who joined TUC General Secretary, John Monks, to launch the Group in January. Full information about the work of the Task Group can be found on its website on

The 'Root Out Racism' hotline aims to raise public awareness, and trade union and employer action about the issue of what the Macpherson report referred to as 'canteen culture'. This involves the use of racist language and "banter" in the workplace. It will seek examples of "best practice", where the issue has been taken up and dealt with. It will then spread details about them through publications, media information, and in the trade union movement.

What is institutional racism?

The Macpherson report described institutional racism as follows:

'The collective failure of an organisation to provide an appropriate and professional service to people because of their colour, culture or ethnic origin which can be seen or detected in processes, attitudes and behaviour which amount to discrimination through unwitting prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness and racist stereotyping which disadvantages minority ethnic people.'

Audience and Objectives

The hotline is particularly targeted at black and Asian workers, workplace representatives and the business community. The purpose is to:

  • gain evidence of the depth of the problem of racist abuse,
  • alert workplace representatives to the need to give the issue a higher priority, and
  • to convince employers that they need to take action.

A special emphasis is being placed on the ethnic media with hotline advertisements being strategically placed in several. Opinion formers, in national and local government, and the media will receive information and policy recommendations from the TUC after the hotline closes.

Financial Supporters

The hotline has received financial backing from two companies who are closely associated with the trade union movement.


UNISERVICE is a wholly owned subsidiary of UNIFI, the finance union. Its remit is to provide services and benefits to members of UNIFI, and to other trade unions and organisations, at discount or with added benefits, that the collective bargaining of hundreds of thousands of members and their families can bring.

UNISERVICE operates under a strict ethical code of practice which all that are associated have to adhere to. Bob Drake, Chief Executive of UNISERVICE said:

'It is our reliance on traditional trade union values of fairness and equality, our own ethical standards and a highly competitive range of services and benefits, that attracts UNIFI members, and other trade unions, to choose UNISERVICE. We are very pleased to be associated with, and to support the TUC’s initiative on tackling racial harassment and discrimination.'


Sara Leslie writes:

' On 19 June the TUC launches a major initiative in its campaign against racism in the workplace. Its "Root Out Racism" hotline is designed to uncover the extent of racism in UK workplaces. Racism in our society is an urgent contemporary problem highlighted by the murder of Stephen Lawrence and the disgraceful treatment of his family at the hands of the authorities.

'Racism in the workplace affects us all, whether we are a victim of discriminatory behaviour or not. It does so because it creates a hostile working environment which undermines the dignity of ethnic minority colleagues. Anti-discrimination law is the safety net through which victims of harassment should not fall, but frequently do because of the well-documented difficulties of proving that discrimination has taken place. Undoubtedly, the law has its place in the armoury assembled to tackle racism in the workplace. But the law is a blunt instrument by which to achieve the ultimate goal - a discriminatory-free working environment. That can only be achieved effectively by employers and employees working together to change the culture of the workplace.

'The TUC's hotline is an important step in this process. It will encourage

employees to speak out and define the scale of the task in hand. Irwin

Mitchell supports and applauds the TUC's initiative.'

Media information

Contacts and People Available For Interview

All interview bids and other media requests should be made through:

Mike Power on tel: 020 7467 1287 (office); 020 7485 6641 (home)

pager: 01426 845676 e-mail: [email protected] fax 020 7467 1241

Ann-Marie Evans on tel: 020 7467 1212; mobile: 0771 374 4063 e-mail [email protected]

Available for interview:

John Monks TUC General Secretary

Brendan Barber TUC Deputy General Secretary

Kay Carberry Head of TUC Equal Rights Department

Kamaljeet Jandu TUC Race Equality Officer

Bill Morris T&G General Secretary, member of the TUC General Council and the TUC’s Stephen Lawrence Task Group

Bob Purkiss T&G National Secretary for Race and Equalities and member of the TUC General Council and the TUC’s Stephen Lawrence Task Group

Sara Leslie a partner in Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, and head of the firm's Human Rights and Discrimination Law Unit. Sara can speak about legal aspects of racial discrimination/harassment in the workplace.

Celebrity Endorsements, Quotes and Photo Availability

This pack contains a list of celebrities who have endorsed the hotline in response to a letter from Neville Lawrence and John Monks. The celebrities include many well-known entertainers, and football teams. Many endorsers have added their own statement to the main one, these are added to the names. In addition most have also provided the TUC with a photograph, those who have done so have 'photo available' next to their name. The photos have been scanned and are available free of charge from Alan Slingsby on 020 7609 3674 fax: 020 7609 3694 e-mail [email protected]

Launch Event - Monday 19 June

A launch reception for the hotline will be held on the evening of the first day of its operation, Monday 19 June at 6pm - 9pm at the TUC, Congress House, Great Russell Street, London WC1. Media are invited to the event and arrangements for interviews, and broadcast facilities should be made with Mike Power or Ann-Marie Evans at the numbers above. Speakers will include John Monks TUC General Secretary ; Doreen Lawrence of the Stephen Lawrence Family Campaign; Gurbux Singh, the new chair of the Commission for Racial Equality; Claude Moraes MEP; and in the chair, journalist Yasmin Alibhai Brown.

There will also be a cabaret compered by Tony Robinson with singers Patti Boulaye,who played Sister Pearl in the BBC’s Brothers and Sisters, and Josette Bushell-Mingo, currently in the Lion King; also taking part will be Rudolph Walker, from the comedy series the Thin Blue Line; the Jiving Lindy Hoppers; and the Keith Waithe Jazz Odyssey.

Organisation and promotion of the hotline

Some 400,000 leaflets giving details of the hotline have been produced. Most have been distributed through various mailings including unions, Citizens Advice Bureaux, law centres, MPs, and anti racist campaigning groups. Paid-for advertisements for the hotline are appearing in several black and Asian magazines and papers, and a large number of union journals are carrying the advert.

Calls to the hotline will be handled by 'Forward Emphasis' in Belfast: this is the call centre that deals with the TUC’s 'know your rights' line. A special day of training for the call handlers has taken place involving the TUC’s Campaigns and Communications Department and the Equal Rights Department. Also taking part in the training was Patrick Yu of the Northern Ireland Council for Community Relations. The call centre will have available speakers in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi.

Two poems by Adrian Mitchell

Poet Adrian Mitchell has donated two poems, which speak to the theme of TUC’s 'Root Out Racism' campaign. Mr Mitchell is making both poems available for publication in any material associated with the campaign free of charge.


(For my black and Asian friends and their children who are threatened in the streets)

You Call Me That Bad Word

That one bad word

That bad word weighs a thousand tonne

That one bad word burns my skin all over

You call me one bad word

That word makes my mother

Cast down her eyes in shame

Makes my father

Deny his own name

Makes my brother

Turn and fight like a demon

Makes my sister

Spend her life in bad dreaming

So call me one bad word

And you don’t know what will happen

It could be tears it could be blood

It could be storm

It could be silence

It could be a rage

Hot enough to burn the whole town down

Could be a stampede of elephants

Through your back garden

And into your mother’s

Frilly perfume sitting room.

Could be zombie nightmares

Every night for the rest

Of your natural life

Could be all your food

From this day on

Will taste of rotten fishheads

Could be anything

Could be the end of the world

But Most Likely

This will follow:

I’ll stare at you

For one cold second

And then I’ll turn and walk away from you

Leaving you alone with yourself

And your one bad word


First Thing You Notice

when you meet somebody

is male or female

Second thing you notice

is probably

black or white

Third are they old or strong

Fourth are they weak or strong

Fifth are they rich

or poor as shite

High class low class

honest or faker

sexy or chilly

murderer or maker

Last thing you notice

last thing you notice

murderer or maker

Black and Asian workers in Britain - factsheet

General Population

  • Black and Asian people, make up around 6.5 per cent of the UK population, just over 3.5 million.
  • In general they have a much younger age structure than the white population.
  • About half the black and Asian population live in London and most of the rest live in the West Midlands, South Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

Employment and Unemployment

  • At present there are 1.4 million black and Asian workers in Britain, accounting for around 5 per cent of all workers.
  • Around 1.2 million are employees and nearly 200,000 are self-employed.
  • Black and Asian people are more than twice as likely to be unemployed than their white counterparts - 12 per cent compared to 5 per cent for white people.
  • More young black people stay on in full-time education beyond school leaving age. Of those aged 16-24 in full-time education 52 per cent of black young men 'stay on' compared to 29 per cent of white young men, while 44 per cent of black young women continue their studies compared to 31 per cent of white young women.
  • Black and Asian graduates are up to three times more likely to be unemployed after university than white students with the same degrees.
  • Black and Asian employees are much more likely to have degrees (21 per cent as opposed to 16 per cent of white employees), but the proportion of them in managerial and supervisory posts has been falling during the 1990s while the opposite has been the case for white employees.

Exploited and Low Paid

  • Black and Asian workers are more likely to be trapped in low paid work, especially part-time jobs. One fifth of all black part-timers are doing this kind of work as a last resort, because they cannot get a full-time job and discrimination in the labour market appears to be a major factor behind this.

List of celebrity endorsements and quotes

The following entertainers, sportspeople musicians and singers have signed the following statement:

'The future of Britain is multiracial and diverse - this we should celebrate.

Nobody should have to tolerate the pain and indignity of racism when at work. In this new century everyone - young and old, whatever colour, creed, social origin, or political belief - should affirm their commitment to root out racism in our society. Best wishes to the TUC’s Stephen Lawrence Task Group’s 'Root Out Racism' campaign.'

In many cases they have added their own personal statement, which is included. In each case where a photograph is available this has been noted by the celebrity’s name. The pictures are available from Alan Slingsby on 020 7609 3674 fax: 020 7609 3694 e-mail [email protected]

In every case the signatory has given permission for their photo and personal statement to be used freely.

Neville Lawrence (photo available) Father of Stephen

'Over the years I have seen a lot of pain and suffering. It is good to see many people are waking up to the problem that we have been going through and trying to do something to help to make a difference.'


Adrian Mitchell poet

'Racism Is a Poison Tree

Its Roots Are Fear

Its fruit is Death'

Bernard Kops (photo available) Playwright and Author

Patrick Augustus (photo available) Writer

'Racism Is the Rot At the Core of Society.'


Alan Rickman

Alec McCowen (photo available) The Age of Innocence (Scorcese)

Alex Jennings Too Much Sun, Bad Blood

Alexei Sayle (photo available)

Alison Steadman (photo available)

Andy De La Tour

Anton Rogers (photo available) May to December, Noah’s Ark, Up Rising

'I am very privileged to be part of a profession where race, colour and creed mean very little. The thing that links us all is talent and ability and therefore there is very little prejudice to be found in my profession. If only one could say the same about the rest of life.'

Anna Karen (photo available) Aunt Sal in Eastenders,

Anna Keaveney Beck, Sin Bin

Anna Massey

Annette Crosbie (photo available) One Foot in the Grave

Arlene Phillips Director and Choreographer: Starlight Exp, Sat Night Fever

Arthur Smith Comedian and Radio Presenter

Barrie Rutter Kavanagh QC

Barry Foster (photo available) Roger Roger

Barry Morse (photo available)

'Racism is a dangerous poison within the human species. Wherever it is found and however expressed it does nothing but damage and destroy. Root it out!'

Beatie Edney The Affair, Prime Suspect IV, Hard Times

Ben Stevens

Bernard Hepton (photo available) Midsomer Murders, Emma

Bill Oddie The Goodies

'Music, entertainment, sport - so many of the things that make life exhilarating are so much richer simply BECAUSE they are multiracial. Celebrate indeed.'

Bill Paterson (photo available) The Singing Detective, Auf Weidersehn Pet

Bill Treacher (photo available) Arthur Fowler in East Enders

Billie Whitelaw

Billy Bragg

Bob Hoskins (photo available) Mona Lisa, The Long Good Friday

Brenda Blethyn (photo available) Saving Grace, Little Voice, Secrets and Lies

Brian Protheroe (photo available) To Have and to Hold, Reilly Ace of Spies

Bryan Pringle

Carol Drinkwater (photo available)

'All colours make a rainbow'

Carol Royle (photo available) Blackeyes, Life Without George

Clive Dunn (photo available) Dad’s Army

'Racism is a disgrace. Tell the young.'

Clive Mantle (photo available) Mike Barrett in Casualty, Holby City

'I heartily endorse this move by Equity, the TUC and its Stephen Lawrence Task Group. It’s highly embarrassing that it has to be done but whilst bigots remain DONE IT MUST BE!'

Clive Swift (photo available) Keeping Up Appearances, Aristocrats

Connie Booth Fawlty Towers

Corin Redgrave (photo available)

'This campaign is very welcome. There is a great deal for work for the Task Group to do. The number of reported racist attacks has increased considerably in the past year. If that situation were to be reflected in work places then this campaign is very timely indeed.'

David Barker (photo available) London’s Burning

'The diverseness of our society enriches us all.'

David Bradley (photo available) Our Friends in the North, Our Mutual Friend

David Hare (photo available)

David Horovitch (photo available) Deceit, Ivanhoe, Just William, Miss Marple

David Rintoul (photo available) Dr Finlay

David Swift Drop The Dead Donkey (Henry Davenport)

'Racism is a malaise rooted in inherited attitudes, fed by ignorance and it threatens the homogeneity of what is one of the most tolerant and pleasant countries in the world. We must treat it as a sickness confronting every symptom bravely.'

David Yip (photo available) The Chinese Detective, Bugs II, Thieftakers

Dawn French (photo available)

Dean Sullivan (photo available) Jimmy Corkhill in Brookside

Deborah Findlay

Denise Welch (photo available) Coronation Street, The Bill, Soldier Soldier, Spender

Desmond Barrit (photo available) Dalziel and Pascoe

Douglas Hodge (photo available) Dance (C40), Scold’s Bridle (BBC)

'Only the ignorant and afraid end up being racists. It’s quite simple - racism is wrong, it’s a crime, and we should fight it whenever, wherever we see it.'

Diane Fletcher Aristocrats, House of Cards, I, II, III, Poirot

Emily Watson (photo available)

Emma Thompson (photo available)

Eric Richard

Frances de la Tour Rising Damp

'(We must) teach the frozen circumstances to sing by playing them their own melody' (Karl Marx)

Frank Finlay

Frederick William Lodey

Gabrielle Drake (photo available)

Garrick Hagon (photo available) Fatherland

Gary Wilmot (photo available) Showstoppers, Oliver, The Goodbye Girl

Georgina Hale A Rather English Marriage, Treasure Island, Crown Prosecutor

Goodness Gracious Me team (photo available)

Graham Cole (photo available) The Bill

'We have one world, and only one chance to live in it the way we choose. One chance to bring love and hope to our fellow earthkind.'

Gregor Fisher (photo available) Rab C Nesbitt, The Tales of Para Handy

Gwyneth Strong Only Fools and Horses(Cassandra), Real Women

Harriet Walter (photo available) A Dance to the Music of Time, Unfinished Business

Harold Pinter Playwright and actor

Harry Fowler (photo available)

Haydn Gwyne

Helen Atkinson Wood (photo available) KYTV, The Young Ones, Blackadder

Helen Cherry

Honor Blackman (photo available) The Avengers

Hugh Fraser (photo available) Sharpe’s Company, Agatha Christie’s Poirot

Hugh Lloyd (photo available) Great Expectations, Randall and Hopkirk Deceased

Hugh Quarshie (photo available) Star Wars Episode One, Rumpole of the Bailey

Ian Lavender (photo available) Casualty, Peak Practice, Goodnight Sweetheart

Ian McShane (photo available) Lovejoy

Imelda Staunton Shakespeare in Love, Remember Me? Sense and Sensibility

Iola Bregory (photo available) Pobol Y Cwm/BBC Wales

James Grout Chief Supt Strange Inspector Morse

'No actor in his or her right mind has any space for racism. It just isn’t on any artistes agenda. Should we not be saying ‘Root out Racists’ .'

James Fleet (photo available) The Vicar of Dibley, A Dance to The Music of Time

Jan Harvey (photo available) Bugs, Howards Way, A Touch of Frost, Casualty

Jane Freeman (photo available) Last of the Summer Wine

'I hope we are fighting against all discrimination of any type.'

Jane Horrocks (photo available) Little Voice, Absolutely Fabulous, Life is Sweet

Janet Suzman

Jason Issacs (photo available) Civvies, Loved Up, Dangerous Lady

'If you ever find yourself wondering why 'I was only joking' didn’t seem to work . . . remember that it always starts with a joke.'

Jenny Agutter A Respectable Trade, Bramewell, The Beat Goes On

Jenny Seagrove (photo available)

Jesse Birdsall (photo available) Silent Witness, Thief Takers, Bugs, Kavanagh QC

Jim Broadbent (photo available) The Borrowers, Little Voice

Jim Carter (photo available) Cracker, The Missing Postman

Jo Brand

'Not only should we all stand together to fight racism, but I think it is every individual’s obligation to refuse to stand passively by when others express racist views.'

Joan Plowright (photo available)

John Benfield

John Bird Jonathan Creek, Rory Bremner Who Else? Three Men and A Vote

John Burgess (photo available) Brookside, Trust, Ruth Rendell

'My profession has been hugely enriched by racial, ethnic and cultural diversity. The art in Britain must continue to be standard bearers in the fight to root out racism.'

John Caird (photo available)

John Junkin Heroes of Comedy, The Bill, The Thing About Vince

John McArdle (photo available) Brookside, Holby City, City Central II, Out of Hours

'We should try to be braver when friends, people we don’t know make racist remarks, we should not be silent we should speak out.'

John Nettles (photo available) Midsomer Murders, Bergerac

John Thaw Inspector Morse, Kavanagh QC, Monsignor Renard

Joseph Marcell Fresh Prince of Bel Air

John Woodvine

Joss Ackland (photo available)

'To hate our fellow creatures because of the colour of their skin is as logical as hating those whose eyes are of a different colour. Racism is not only ignorant - it is absurd.'

Josette Bushell-Mingo (photo available) The Lion King, Elvis, Peer Gynt

Josette Simon (photo available) Dalziel and Pascoe, Silent Witness, Kavanagh QC

Julia McKenzie (photo available) Adam Bede, The Old Curiosity Shop

Kate Byes

Kate Duch ê ne (photo available) Out of Hours/Kiss Me Kate, The Worst Witch

Kate Gartside (photo available) City Central I & II, The Preston Front

'I pledge my full support for multi racial casting in theatre, television and film.'

Kenneth Branagh

Kenneth Colley (photo available) Holding On, Shadow Run, Brassed Off

Ken Drury (photo available) Inspector Morse, Only Fools and Horses, RAB C Nesbitt

'It was a great privilege, as an actor, to be part of the Tricycle Theatre’s production of The Colour of Justice (the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry) and I whole heartedly support the TUC’s ‘Root Out Racism’ campaign.'

Kerry Shale (photo available) Sharpe, Cracker, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Kevin Whately (photo available) Inspector Morse, Peak Practice, The Brokers Man

Kika Markham (photo available) Touching Evil, Woman in White

'In 1934 in Frankfurt, Germany, my teenage mother wrote a satirical poem against Hitler and the Nazi party. For this she was deported at gunpoint but luckily lived to tell the tale. Today I am frightened by the Telford Murders and continuous attrocities against black and Asian people. A society is judged by the way in which it cares for its ‘foreigners’ and ‘immigrants’ of which I am one. Britain’s record is shameful on this. I welcome this campaign with open arms. It must succeed.'

Kulvinder Ghir (photo available) Goodness Gracious Me

'The core maybe in our stone heart - in all our hearts. One beat.'

Leonie Mellinger (photo available) The Bill, Maigret, Lovejoy, Wycliffe

'Our future is a global and multi-racial society in which racism cannot be tolerated.'

Liz Crowther (photo available) Family Affairs, Megamaths, The Bill

Louise Jamieson (photo available) East Enders, Bergerac, Tenko, Dr Who

Lynda Bellingham (photo available) All Creatures Great and Small, Martin Chuzzlewit

Lynn Farleigh Wycliffe, Trial by Fire

Malcolm Tierney (photo available) Brokers Man, Dalziel and Pascoe, The Bill

'I will give full support to this campaign, it is long overdue. I strongly believe that the campaign should give special attention to the media (editorial offices, especially the tabloids) and those government departments responsible for drawing up the laws on asylum, on immigration and on terrorism. Frankly I think Home Secretary, Jack Straw, has much to answer for in creating a xenophobic racist atmosphere in Britain. We expect, but would not tolerate, it of William Hague.'

Maria Aitken Jinnah, A Fish Called Wanda, Fierce Creatures

Mark Arden City Central, Eastenders, Heartbeat, London’s Burning

Mark Curry (photo available) Change That, Record Breakers, Presenter BBC Radio 4/5

'The statement says it all. You have my support totally.'

Maxine Peake (photo available) Dinner Ladies, Hetty Wainthrop Investigates

Melanie Kilburn Where the Heart Is, Heartbeat, The Wimbledon Poisoner,

Michael Bryant (photo available)

'In the theatre there are only two sorts of actors - good ones and bad ones, colour is irrelevant. We must work to make this the case always and everywhere.'

Michael Williams A Fine Romance, A Dance to the Music of Time, Bodyguards

Mike Grady (photo available) Last of the Summer Wine

'I fully support the Task Group’s aims.'

Mike Walling Brush Strokes (6 series BBC)

Natasha Pyne (photo available) Cadfael III, The Bill, McLibel! Virtual Murder

Neal Pearson (photo available) Drop The Dead Donkey, Between The Lines

Ned Sherrin Radio 4 - Loose Ends

Neil McPherson

Neil Mullarkey

Nichola McAuliffe

'Racism in the workplace, like bullying in schools, is a manifestation of the perpetrator’s problems but the pain inflicted by them belongs to us all.'

Nicholas Smith (photo available)

Nina Wadia (photo available) Goodness Gracious Me, The Bill, Kiss Me Kate

Norman Bowler (photo available) Emmerdale

Norman Painting

Pam Ferris (photo available) Our Mutual Friend, Middlemarch, Rector’s Wife

Patricia Hodge

Patrick Malahide (photo available)

Patrick Marber

Patti Boulaye (photo available)

Paul Copley Hornblower, The Lakes, This Life

Paul Moriarty (photo available) Eastenders, A Touch of Frost, Peak Practice

'Street Racialism gets its swagger from institutionalised racism. Let’s get rid of both.'

Paula Wilcox Peak Practice

Peter Barkworth

Peter Capaldi (photo available) Tom Jones, The Crow Road

Peter Copley (photo available) Cadfael, Lovejoy, Ruth Rendell

Peter Ellis The Bill (Chief Superintendent Brownlow)

Peter Polycarpou Birds of a Feather (Chris, Pauline Quirke’s husband)

'Stephen Lawrence’s killers have been continually protected by racists intent on perverting the course of justice. They must no longer be allowed to pervert the course of history and the racists they represent in British society cannot be allowed to continue living on borrowed time. Racism must be rooted out.'

Philip Hedley (photo available) Artistic Director Theatre Royal Stratford

'British theatres stage the occasional anti-racist play. However, institutional racism is revealed in their board membership, their staffing and the rare opportunities given to black artistes to be fully in charge of their own work. The TUC’s campaign must be taken seriously in every work-place.'

Phyllida Law Dangerfield, Midsomer Murders, Blood Will Out, Saving Grace

Prunella Scales (photo available) Fawlty Towers, After Henry, Emma

Reece Dinsdale (photo available) Full Stretch, Home to Roost, Thief Takers

Richard Briers (photo available) Monarch of the Glen, The Good Life

Richard Griffiths (photo available) Gormenghast, Sleepy Hollow, Withnail and I

'Racism is based on ignorance and fear. We should encourage anything that promotes understanding and confidence.'

Richard John Ridings (photo available)

Richard O’Brien (photo available)

'Respect is a Fundamental Right.'

Rita Tushingham I’ve Been Eddie Mostyn, Out of Depth, Swing, Under the Skin

Robbie Coltrane (photo available) Cracker, Alive and Kicking

Robin Ellis (photo available) The Broker’s Man, Between the Lines, Dangerfield,

Roger Lloyd Pack

Roger Sloman (photo available) Cracker, Nuts in May, Midsomer Murders

Ronald Pickup (photo available)

Ronnie Corbett (photo available)

Rosamund Shelley

Rosemary Leach (photo available) Berkeley Square, Unsuitable Job For a Woman,

Rudolph Walker (photo available) The Thin Blue Line, Perfect State, Bitter Harvest

Rula Lenska (photo available)

'Each individual, no matter what colour, has a right to respect and equal opportunities.'

Saeed Jaffrey (photo available) Coronation Street, Tandoori Nights

Saffron Burrows (photo available) Deep Blue Sea, Karaoke/Cold Lazarus

'Racism and xenophobia are shamefully encouraged both by parliamentarians and the press, creating a current climate where none of us can be complacent in fighting racism. Racist attacks are actually on the increase - up by19% in London - and nationally there are approximately 230,000 attacks annually. I am a vice-president of the national Civil Rights Movement, involved in campaigns such as Ricky Reel, Robert Hamill and Christopher Alder, based in community campaigns nationally.'

Sally Dexter

Sarah Greene

Sheila Hancock (photo available) Kavanagh QC, Close Relations

Sheila Steafel (photo available)

Shobu Kapoor (photo available) Eastenders

Simon Callow (photo available)

'This is the most important campaign for the healthy future of our country; I endorse it 1000%.'

Simon Fanshawe (photo available)

'As a founder of Stonewall I am aware that prejudice and discrimination of all kinds swims in the same waters of hatred of difference. Our essential strength lies in our diversity.'

Sophie Thompson (photo available) Four Weddings and a Funeral, Dancing At Lughnasa

Souad Faress (photo available)

'Until the power for good is as active as the power against nothing will change. The smallest individual action against racism counts mightily. Be brave - change something.'

Stephen Boxer (photo available) Grafters Series II, Prime Suspect II, III, IV

Steve Nallon (photo available) Spitting Image, Rory Bremner

Stephanie Beacham

Stephanie Cole (photo available)

Steven Berkoff (photo available)

Struan Rodger The Vice, The Waiting Game, Moll Flanders

Sue Jenkins (photo available) Brookside Coronation Street

Susan Penhaligon Bouquet of Barbed Wire, Ruth Rendall Mysteries

Susan Twist (photo available) Brookside, The Bill, Time Treasures, Reckless

'I believe in their heart of hearts most people abhor racism. Yet so many of those same people feel unable to challenge what they find unacceptable. That is why I’m supporting ‘Root Out Racism’ - anything that makes it easier to confront or expose bigotry in the workplace has to be worthwhile.'

Suzanne Bertish (photo available) Coronation Street, Absolutely Fabulous

'Things only change when they are faced. This is true personally and collectively. Racism in this country is sometimes obvious and appalling - and sometimes subtle and insidious. The British have mistrust of anyone who seems foreign - so we must all look inside ourselves and as uncomfortable as it may be, own up to the areas within, that may be racist. Fundamental change will not occur, by simply pointing the finger.'

Sylvestra Le Touzel

Terence Alexander (photo available) Bergerac, New Statesman

Terrence Hardiman (photo available) Cadfael, Prime Suspect 3, Poirot

'Racism is pernicious in any walk of life, and there is no better cause than this campaign to root it out.'

Tessa Peake-Jones (photo available) Only Fools and Horses

Thelma Barlow Dinner Ladies, Coronation Street

Thelma Holt (photo available)

'The quality of any nation’s civilisation is informed by its culture, and all creative artists have a responsibility to be at the forefront of the campaign to wipe out racism forever, not only in this island but world-wide.'

Tim Brooke-Taylor The Goodies

Tim Healy (photo available)

Timothy Spall

Timothy West

Tom Chadbon

Tony Hymas

Tracy Brabin Coronation Street, Sunburn, Outside Edge I,II & III, Peak Practice

Trevor Baxter Brookside, Politician’s Wife

Trevor Peacock (photo available) Growing Pains, Riff Raff Element, Titus Andronicus

Una Stubbs

Valmai Jones (photo available) Mostly Welsh TV and Theatre

'My heartfelt thanks to the TUC for mounting this campaign to improve the quality of life for all of us living in Britain.'

Yvonne Brewster (photo available) A Wing and A Prayer, Tainted Love


Bury Football Club - Terry Robinson

'In football it’s the colours of the shirts that count.'

Sheffield United Football Club

'Sheffield United FC, committed supporters of the ‘Football unites, Racism divides’ organisation.'

Stockport County FC - Steve Bellis

Millwall Football Club - Kenneth Chapman

'Have Pride Not Prejudice.'

Charlton Athletic FC

'At Charlton Athletic we are proud of our work in the community in particular the Charlton Athletic Race Equality Partnership (CRCE).'

John Aldridge (photo available) - Tranmere Rovers

London Broncos Rugby League Club

'The Rugby Football League have an anti-racist campaign. For further information contact the RFL 0113 232 9111.'


Chrissie Hynde (photo available) The Pretenders

'I have chosen to live in Britain for the last 29 years because it is multiracial and diverse. I pity he who is racist for he lives in a small, unforgiving and colourless place.'

Joan Armatrading

Neil Tennant The Pet Shop Boys

Roger Beaujolais (photo available) Vibrophonic

Mike McCartney (photo available)

'If you made Root Out Racism - ‘Root Out All Racism’ it would create ROAR. We could all then roar our approval.'

Sting (photo available)

Kenny Lynch OBE

'I wonder when the racists will learn that when you hate anything the hate comes back on them inside, and they are the ones that get screwed up.'


Rev. David F Willie

Jack Jones pensioners’ leader

'It is important that all efforts are made to eliminate racism among older people whether at work or too old to work, and for older people to encourage their families to oppose all forms of racism.'

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