Let Them Work Campaign

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let them work campaign logoThe TUC and Refugee Council have organised a campaign to get the Government to allow asylum seekers to work and to highlight the plight of asylum seekers who are left in poverty when rejected by the asylum system. Asylum seekers, who fled persecution in their own countries looking for a place of safety, are among the most vulnerable in the UK. While they are here, they want to work, to support themselves and their families, to pay taxes, and to contribute to the economy.

In hard times society expects everyone to pull their weight where they can.  Yet asylum seekers are forced to live on hand-outs or sometimes nothing at all.  We should give asylum seekers the chance to work so that they can support themselves.

How you can help

We're asking MPs to sign a declaration calling on the government to allow asylum seekers to work if they've been waiting for more than six months for their cases to be concluded; or who have been refused asylum but temporarily cannot return home through no fault of their own.

Tell your MP: end destitution in the asylum system and let asylum seekers work
MPs are most likely to respond to people in their constituency who they represent in Parliament. Help us put pressure on the government to give asylum seekers permission to work. Tell your MP that asylum seekers must be allowed to work. It'll take just a couple of minutes of your time.

To get more involved in the campaign

  • Discuss the issues with fellow trade unionists, work colleagues and friends
  • Raise the issue with your trade union branch
  • Invite a speaker to you branch  meeting or workplace to talk about the  campaign  and give a personal perspective of what it means to be shut out of work
  • Get your friends and neighbours to support the campaign and sign up to the pledge on the campaign website
  • Write to your M.P. and ask them to support the campaign and sign the pledge (find out who you're MP is at www.writetothem.com)
  • Get your local political organisations (i.e. local council, trade union,) to pass a motion of support and to sign up to the campaign pledge – they can do so by visiting the website

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