Gender Equality

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This eNote aims to raise awareness among union reps of
Download Paternity leave and pay (PDF) If you are an

The TUC campaigns for women's equality in the workplace and in the wider community. Here you can find recent information and materials on the work of the TUC in the following areas:  Abortion Rights; Childcare; Violence Against WomenEqual pay; Parents and Carers; Part Time Workers; Poverty; TUC Women's conference

Gender and Occupational Safety & HealthGender And Occupational Safety And Health section is focussed on a gender-sensitive approach to occupational health and safety and ensuring equal rights to protection for all workers.

On the anniversary today (Friday) of the government’s review into survivor benefits in occupational pensions, the TUC is urging ministers to remove one of the last legal hurdles to equality for same-sex couples. Surviving civil partners and same-sex couples are often left thousands of pounds worse off than a widow...
26 June 2015
Download Time off and pay for adoptive parents (PDF) This booklet covers the basic (sometimes called statutory) rights that employers must provide to qualifying adoptive parents who work for them. Your employer may offer better rights than the legal minimum and you need to check your contract of employment or...
15 June 2015
Download Time off and pay for parents having a child through surrogacy (PDF) This booklet covers the basic (sometimes called statutory) rights that employers must provide to intended parents who are having a child through a surrogacy arrangement. Your employer may offer better rights than the legal minimum and you...
08 June 2015
Women's Committee Report to the Women's Conference 2015
22 April 2015
Frances O'Grady talks to about her experience as a mum, and about the impact of changes in the law that will allow mums and dads to share parental leave and pay from April this year.
13 March 2015
Coinciding with World Book Day on March 5th, over 40 people attended the launch of Mary Alys’ book, “Calling Time on Women’s Wasted Potential” Mary wrote the book in her final days, she finished it on the Thursday and passed away on the Saturday, so this book was so very...
12 March 2015
Women’s experience of financial abuse and potential implications for Universal Credit Exploratory research by Women’s Aid for the TUC By Marilyn Howard and Amy Skipp Official statistics do not identify financial abuse as a distinct form of abuse. Yet survivors raise this as a significant issue with Women’s Aid and...
12 March 2015
A report published today (Thursday) by the TUC and Women’s Aid reveals the hidden misery of women trapped in financially abusive relationships, in many cases leaving them trapped in poverty and without any access to money for essentials, emergencies or for their children.
12 March 2015
This report, prepared for TUC Women’s Conference 2015, takes stock and looks at how women have fared through recession and austerity. It finds that while progress on some headline measures of gender equality has continued – the employment and pay gap have continued to narrow, for example – some women...
11 March 2015
date: Friday 6 March 2015 embargo : 00.01hrs Monday 9 March 2015 TUC warns of low-paid jobs recovery for women Around half of the net growth in female employment in 2014 came from women moving in to lower-paid part-time jobs, according to new analysis published by the TUC today (Monday)...
09 March 2015