Gender Equality

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Download TUC gender checklist (PDF) Introduction People come in all
This eNote aims to raise awareness among union reps of

The TUC campaigns for women's equality in the workplace and in the wider community. Here you can find recent information and materials on the work of the TUC in the following areas:  Abortion Rights; Childcare; Violence Against WomenEqual pay; Parents and Carers; Part Time Workers; Poverty; TUC Women's conference

Gender and Occupational Safety & HealthGender And Occupational Safety And Health section is focussed on a gender-sensitive approach to occupational health and safety and ensuring equal rights to protection for all workers.

On Saturday April 29th 2017, the Nottingham Trade Union Education Centre, part of Central College Nottingham, hosted a one day course for trade unionists on the issue of Domestic Violence. The event was designed and organised by TUC tutor Helen Nolan and was open to reps and members of any...
04 May 2017
Download A TUC guide on gender in occupational safety and health (PDF) Introduction Unions are committed to improving the working lives and conditions of all workers. Pressing for healthy, safe workplaces for everyone is part and parcel of the union representative’s role. Being aware of the issues relating to gender...
21 April 2017
Commenting on the announcement today (Friday) that the government will issue new guidance to improve compliance with laws that ban sexist dress codes at work, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “This is a welcome step towards getting rid of sexist dress codes in the workplace. But the new guidance...
21 April 2017
Download TUC gender checklist (PDF) Introduction People come in all shapes and when it comes to health and safety the “one size fits all” approach just does not apply. Nowhere is that clearer than when we are looking at gender. Considering gender in health and safety is a very real...
21 April 2017
MARY MACARTHUR LECTURE Ros Wynne Jones 17 March 2017 First of all I would like to thank you for having me here today. Thank you for coming out on St Patrick’s Day. Since January, as well as writing the Real Britain column at the Daily Mirror I have also been...
31 March 2017
Commenting on legislation introduced today (Friday) that means organisations with 250 or more employees will have to publish information about the difference between average male and female earnings, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:
31 March 2017
UPDATE: Please note that the figures for Slovakia are now out of date. They no longer appear at the bottom of the table. New mums in UK receive just 6 weeks of decently-paid maternity leave - Only mothers in Ireland and Slovakia have worse decently-paid entitlement - Croatia tops table...
24 March 2017
Frances O'Grady's speech to TUC Women's Conference 2017​, 8- 10 March, Congress House, London.
09 March 2017
- Women’s Pay Day – the day the average woman starts getting paid compared to the average man – is on Tuesday (7 March) - Women effectively work for free for 66 days compared to men - But in some jobs women have to wait until April or even May...
03 March 2017
Commenting on the government’s response to the Women and Equality Select Committee’s report on the gender pay gap published today (Tuesday), TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:
21 February 2017