Equality Audit

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The biennial TUC equality audits came out of an important TUC rule change in 2001, which committed the TUC and unions to promote equality in all aspects of our work. The first audit was carried out in 2003 and provided a yardstick of equality issues in all union activities. Since then the audits have alternated between focusing on how unions pursue equality issues through collective bargaining and on how union membership, rules and internal structures reflect the diversity of the workforce.

Equality Audit 2016

Unions continue to make progress in bargaining for equality; whether it is equal pay, flexible working, pensions or bullying and harassment.

This report is full of examples of smart and effective bargaining for positive changes. And at the workplace level, reps are working day in and day out to tackle issues including disability and mental health, performance management inequality and work/life balance. The audit provides a rich resource of examples of the approaches unions have taken and the successes they have been able to achieve. 

The next TUC Equality Audit will be carried out in 2018. It will focus on trade unions' efforts to further equality in the workplace through collective bargaining. 

The audit provides a rich resource of examples of the approaches unions have taken and the successes they have been able to achieve.
24 August 2016
Can you help us gather information from workplace reps on the type of equality issues arising in the workplace and the support reps need to tackle those issues? Have you dealt with any equality issues at your workplace related to members? Where do you go to for resources and support?...
22 April 2016
Half of all TUC-affiliated unions are running targeted recruitment campaigns at LGBT workers, an increase from 38 per cent of unions in 2011, according to the 2014 Equality Audit published today (Tuesday).
09 September 2014
10 years ago the TUC setup a biannual equality audit. This was in response to the findings of its own Stephen Lawrence task group. The aim of the audit was to ensure unions were doing all they could to promote equality and eliminate harassment, prejudice and discrimination in the workplace...
09 September 2014
The 2014 survey of union structures, policies and services relating to equality
20 August 2014
It is nearly 10 years since the TUC carried out its first audit of trade unions' equality structures and collective bargaining activities. Over that time we have seen some significant achievements in the workplace and steady improvements in how trade unions have responded to a more diverse workforce and membership...
19 September 2012
Work-life balance guidance is the most requested equality issue, with two thirds of unions asked for pointers and advice, according to the TUC 2009 Equality Audit published today (Monday).
14 September 2009
Progress on Bargaining for Equality at Work
14 September 2009
The TUC 2007 Equality Audit published today (Monday) has highlighted a major recruitment drive for migrant workers across the trade union movement, reflecting unions' rapid response to the changing make-up of the labour market.
10 September 2007
The TUC's second biennial equality audit published today (Tuesday) shows that people employed in workplaces with a trade union presence are likely to have a better work/life balance and face less discrimination at work than individuals in non-unionised workplaces.
06 September 2005