Disability Issues

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Activist Resources

The TUC, in partnership with Epilepsy Action have produced a
Guidance for unions on why the Social Model of Disability
Autism in the workplace , written for the TUC by

With disabled people's jobs and living standards under serious attack from Government attacks on public services, the TUC has published up to date advice and guidance for trade unions on the law on disability discrimination, along with good practice in dealing with day to day issues in the workplace. The latest edition of Disability and Work can be downloaded free of charge (PDF) or ordered from TUC publications.

Mental health at work

The TUC and trade unions are working to improve workplace mental health. In February 2015 a seminar discussed examples of good practice from six unions. Download Good practice in workplace mental health [PDF]

There are free resources available from the TUC and MIND and many unions have published their own materials 

TUC Disabled Workers' Conference

The TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference 2015 takes place on 21-22 May. More information

The TUC and members of its Disabled Workers’ Committee welcome invitations to speak at trade union and campaign meetings on issues affecting disabled people. To see if someone is available to speak at your meeting, please first contact ppurton@tuc.org.uk, giving as much notice as you can. (Please note you would have to meet any speakers’ expenses)

A new TUC report Disability and employment, published today (Friday) looks at the experiences of disabled people in the labour market and finds that they are still at a significant disadvantage compared to other workers.
22 May 2015
A social model study of the employment experiences of disabled people in Great Britain, with a focus on mental illness
22 May 2015
The General Secretary of the TUC, Frances O’Grady, will today (Thursday) address the opening day of the TUC’s annual Disabled Workers’ Conference at Congress House, London. The conference will be attended by 200 disabled trade union delegates and will debate policies and priorities for the TUC on disability issues.
21 May 2015
The TUC's annual two-day Disabled Workers' conference will be at Congress House on 21-22 May Who attends the Disabled Workers' Conference? All affiliated unions are entitled to be represented by a minimum of two delegates, provided always that they have paid the fee prescribed in Rule 3 of the Rules...
15 May 2015
The TUC, in partnership with Epilepsy Action, is today (Tuesday) publishing Epilepsy in the workplace – a TUC guide, to aid trade union workplace representatives in supporting members with epilepsy. The guide educates trade union members about epilepsy, and provides guidance on reasonable workplace adjustments and making workplaces epilepsy-friendly.
21 April 2015
The TUC, in partnership with Epilepsy Action have produced a new guide for trade unionists on supporting members with epilepsy. The author is a specialist and a trade unionist so this briefing will be an authoritative aid to union reps, officers and members on dealing with the issues facing members...
21 April 2015
Have Coalition government policies made life easier or harder for disabled workers? A study being undertaken by the Public Interest Research Unit, for Disabled People Against the cuts (DPAC), aims to help find out. If you think that you might be willing to participate, please take the online survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Public-Interest-Research-Unit-survey...
09 April 2015
*/ Introduction Trade unions are required by law to offer the same service to disabled as to non-disabled members. Frequently, this will involve offering information and services in alternative formats, in order that all members are able to access them, and ensuring that meetings and venues are fully accessible to...
30 March 2015
Government reforms and austerity measures are endangering the education of young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), says a new report published today (Monday) by the TUC.
30 March 2015
Report of the TUC Seminar February 2015
20 March 2015