Disability Issues

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Activist Resources

The TUC, in partnership with Epilepsy Action have produced a
Guidance for unions on why the Social Model of Disability
Autism in the workplace , written for the TUC by

The TUC is campaigning against government attacks on disabled people and for disability equality. Our demands, agreed by disabled trade unionists, are contained in the Manifesto for Disability Equality which is published together with a guide to how best to use it. Find out more by emailing [email protected].

TUC guidance for unions on disability discrimination law and good practice in the workplace is in Disability and Work (PDF) also available free from TUC online shop.

Mental health at work

The TUC and trade unions are working to improve workplace mental health. In February 2015 a seminar discussed examples of good practice from six unions. Download Good practice in workplace mental health (PDF)

In February 2016, a second seminar examined equality and mental health. Download Equality and mental health in an age of austerity (PDF)

There are free resources available from the TUC and MIND and many unions have published their own materials:

TUC Disabled Workers' Conference

The TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference 2015 took place on 21-22 May. Download report of the conference (PDF)

This leaflet (pdf) explains the work of the TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee. If you wish to invite a speaker to a trade union or campaign meeting please contact [email protected] (Note you may have to pay speaker’s expenses).

The government is “years behind schedule” in delivering its manifesto commitment to halve the employment gap between disabled and non-disabled people by 2020, according to new analysis published by the TUC today (Wednesday).
18 May 2016
This resource for trade unions reps seeks to increase understanding of the law and its limitations in relation to sickness absence and disability discrimination. As a result of the law and of growing awareness of its existence, it has become more unusual for disabled workers to face dismissal or unequal...
17 May 2016
Report of TUC seminar February 2016 One hundred people representing a wide range of trade unions and NGOs took part in the second national TUC seminar on mental health on 3 February 2016. The meeting had been organised to follow up a similar event held in February 2015 where the...
09 March 2016
TUC Aid – development arm of the British trade movement – is continuing its support for the promotion of human and employment rights of disabled people in East Africa.
15 January 2016
With nearly half of disabled people not in work, the TUC has today (Thursday) published its manifesto to promote equality for disabled people and challenge discrimination against them. The Labour Force Survey reveals that just 48% of disabled people are currently in employment compared to 79% of non-disabled people. This...
07 January 2016
On 7 January 2016 the TUC launched its Manifesto for Disability Equality (pdf) The TUC announced the launch in the press release TUC calls for practical action to implement disabiilty equality in new manifesto . The Manifesto is about recognising Britain’s ten million disabled people as citizens with equal rights...
05 January 2016
Of the millions of disabled people living in Britain today, only a very small percentage use wheelchairs, or assistance dogs, or are otherwise identified by visible evidence of impairment. But everywhere, from supermarket car parks to public transport to workplaces, people believe that "real" disability can be seen and that...
07 December 2015
Thursday 3 December is International Day of Disabled People. To coincide with it, the TUC is today (Thursday) publishing a good practice guide for workplace representatives to help them support trade union members with invisible impairments. The TUC guide You Don’t Look Disabled provides information on: the role that trade...
03 December 2015
A joint initiative by TUC Aid and Disability Aid Abroad (DAA) – Northern Ireland charity - has been successful in raising awareness of employment rights of disabled people in Rwanda and in securing support from local trade unions, East Africa Trade Union Confederation (EATUC) and the Government of Rwanda for...
09 July 2015
Frances O'Grady's speech to TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference 2015​, 21 - 22 May 2015, at Congress House, London. Thanks Sean [McGovern] for those words of introduction. And thanks for all your hard work on the disabled workers committee, on the General Council and of course with Unite. Conference, Sean has...
01 July 2015