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The TUC, in partnership with Epilepsy Action have produced a
Guidance for unions on why the Social Model of Disability
Autism in the workplace , written for the TUC by
The TUC, in partnership with Epilepsy Action, is today (Tuesday) publishing Epilepsy in the workplace – a TUC guide, to aid trade union workplace representatives in supporting members with epilepsy. The guide educates trade union members about epilepsy, and provides guidance on reasonable workplace adjustments and making workplaces epilepsy-friendly.
21 April 2015
The TUC, in partnership with Epilepsy Action have produced a new guide for trade unionists on supporting members with epilepsy. The author is a specialist and a trade unionist so this briefing will be an authoritative aid to union reps, officers and members on dealing with the issues facing members...
21 April 2015
*/ Introduction Trade unions are required by law to offer the same service to disabled as to non-disabled members. Frequently, this will involve offering information and services in alternative formats, in order that all members are able to access them, and ensuring that meetings and venues are fully accessible to...
30 March 2015
Guidance for unions on why the Social Model of Disability matters at this time of relentless attack on disabled people’s rights has been published by the TUC.
03 March 2015
The TUC’s Disabled Workers’ Committee has 12 questions for candidates and political parties in the run up to the general election, covering issues that particularly impact on disabled people. Download the questions here and find out politicians’ views on equality for disabled people.
23 February 2015
Autism in the workplace , written for the TUC by Janine Booth, aims to inform union reps and workers of the facts around the condition, and advice on how to support autistic staff to ensure they get the adjustments they may need – and are legally entitled to. The guide...
30 April 2014
First published in 2005, this new edition has been updated and revised by Brian Hagan for the TUC. It describes a framework for negotiating and promoting workplace practices that aid dyslexic staff and in itself exemplifies British Dyslexia Association guidelines on good publishing practice. Download Dyslexia in the Workplace [PDF]...
21 March 2014
Guidance for unions on how to deal with discrimination against disabled workers losing their jobs through failure to count disability-related absence separately from sickness absence, with advice on negotiating a disability leave policy.
06 February 2013
The TUC will hold a seminar in London on Thursday (25 November) on the impact of the cuts on disabled people.
22 November 2010
During the training Champions will establish the role within their workplace by carrying out workplace activities involving their colleagues at work, other trade union reps and their management teams. The course will help you raise awareness of disability issues and provide practical solutions to help employers affect real change in...
28 September 2009