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The TUC works to improve the position of black workers in the labour market by seeking to influence Government policy, lobbying for legislative changes and

Black Matters
A new quarterly newsletter bring ing you news on issues about black workers and employment.

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highlighting the problems faced by black workers through publishing reports.

Here you can find the latest news on the TUC’s work to improve the position of black workers in the labour market and information on reports that the TUC has published.

The TUC has produced a short guide to on negotiating for race equality at work to help trade union stewards and activists. the guide explores a selection of issues relevant to black workers to help familiarise trade unionists with the some of the most commonly occurring concerns, many of which have been dealt with through legal proceedings. There are also checklists which provides a starting point to enable activists to start developing bargaining goals.Tackling Racism in the Workplace

- Black workers with A-levels earn £1.20 an hour less than whites - Black pay gap widest for those with degrees (14%) and higher education certs and diplomas (20%)
14 August 2017
Black, Asian and minority ethnic workers are over a third more likely than white workers to be stuck in temporary or zero-hours work, according to a new TUC report released today (Friday).
02 June 2017
The government has today (Tuesday) published the McGregor-Smith Review, which looks at obstacles faced by Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) people trying to progress at work.
28 February 2017
Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) workers with degrees are two and half times more likely to be unemployed than white graduates, according to new analysis published by the TUC today (Friday).
15 April 2016
This report, published to coincide with the TUC’s 2016 Black Workers Conference, uses analysis of recent official statistics to show that levels of unemployment are higher for black workers, regardless of qualification levels.
15 April 2016
Black workers with degrees earn 23.1% less on average than white workers with degrees, according to new analysis published by the TUC.
01 February 2016
Business in the Community is conducting the largest ever workplace survey of race at work in the UK. They want to hear from 10,000 working ethnic minority people and understand their experience of the UK’s workplaces.
27 July 2015