Black Workers Conference

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TUC Black Workers Conference 2016 will be held at TUC, Congress House, London on 15 - 17 April. If you have any further enquires about the conference please email [email protected] 

The TUC Black Workers Conference is held annually and debates the major issues facing black workers in the labour market. It is attended by delegations sent by trade unions affiliated to the TUC.

Here you can find the latest documents and news about the TUC Black Workers’ Conference.

An interim report about the experiences of Black and minority ethnic workers in the workplace. Let’s talk about racism - report Executive Summary Trade unions have a long history of opposing racism and discrimination in the workplace. In recent years, though, the debate has narrowed to focus only on access...
07 April 2017
New opinion polling released today (Friday) by Opinium Research shows the majority of ethnic minority people in the UK (52%) think the UK has become less tolerant since the Brexit vote.
07 April 2017
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18 April 2016
This report, published to coincide with the TUC’s 2016 Black Workers Conference, uses analysis of recent official statistics to show that levels of unemployment are higher for black workers, regardless of qualification levels.
15 April 2016
TUC Black Workers Conference 2015 took place on 17-19 April at TUC, Congress House, London.
01 June 2015
TUC Black Workers Conference 2014 took place on 11-13 April at TUC, Congress House, London.
01 May 2014
Addressing the several hundred delegates attending the annual TUC black workers’ conference at Congress House later today (Friday), TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady will say: “Across Europe parties of the far right are expecting to make big gains in the elections which are now little more than a month away.
11 April 2014
Key documents from TUC Black Workers Conference 2013 that took place during 12-14 April at TUC, Congress House, London.
05 November 2013
The Stephen Lawrence Trust needs your help now more than ever to support youths from minority backgrounds. The work of the Trust is threatened by the lack of funds for voluntary organisations that has resulted from public spending cuts and the recession. We're calling on trade unions and trade unionists...
27 April 2012
The TUC will launch the new 18:18 union fundraising campaign for the Stephen Lawrence Trust when Doreen Lawrence addresses its Black Workers' Conference later today (Friday).
27 April 2012